D&d 5e Storytelling Advice: Creating Sentient Magic Items – Inspiration And Power Level

Beetle or you know instead of like a pink scar on flesh it’s like a gray color of orcs or a green if you want green orcs you know so what are the sacrifices if.

You want to look normal if you want to heal normally then you have to put in others of your kind but if you don’t care about the other other creatures then suddenly you’re grinding up cats you’re grinding up goblins.

You’re grinding up all sorts of other things and putting them in there so you can say well at least I’m not killing people I’m just killing other stuff meanwhile you’re becoming a patchwork of discombobulated parts you know if you fit a dragon bits then you know something might come back with some shimmering scales it might.

Come back with you get some sort of like vestigial goiter that’s supposed to be kind of like.

A dragon’s throat sack that he’ll that holds its breath weapon but it’s it’s nothing like right your body just changes and so you.

Actually are walking around with us like this this throat organ Oh like this bulbous throat organ of a dragon even though you can’t use any of the benefits because you ground up a dragon and put it in don’t insert undead.

Bits just a suggestion yeah I mean it might come back and then suddenly the wound doesn’t heal but it just it also doesn’t bleed you know and you get some weird effects going there is that I see that actually sounds cool we haven’t even put stats down on on.

Paper and we’re coming up with all kinds of interesting items for.

A campaign beholder bits might be interesting since their bodies change based on how they’re feeling so I mean maybe if you don’t manifest that is that might be for a biological like a hundred.

Percent beholder but you might start growing in an antenna that suddenly has a nice stock or something if you’re consuming this potion so I mean if we like this ideal we can roll with.

It a hundred percent census let’s roll adi for to hearing and normal vision out to sixty feet see all kinds of stuff here alignment with a fifty eight it is lawful neutral alright so we’re gonna take a break here.

To get into characteristics sir naga shadow hello just arriving what’s going on here what welcome sir naga we are going through a DND workshop where we are going over how to create sentient items and we are discussing such items that don’t always.

Have to be legendary swords or or like you know very dramatic spotlight stealing npc items you know like black.

Raven blood edge the dark steel storm thunder katana or something like that i mean games can have those and.

Know I’m saying with a little bit of sarcasm because a lot of times our first thing is like yeah I want to talk and sort it I want it to be this you know you know they’re like the soul of an ancient.

Samurai or something and that’s fine but I want us to also break out we’re talking actually we’ve randomly generated a sentient potion and what are the moral conundrums that can come with such with such a thing if you’re in a pinch and this potion can save your life.

End it to save yourself yeah or if your opposite to its alignment it won’t tell you oh yeah I’m the item and I’m sorry on the on what you said above above that bubonic a talking sore but it just apologizes to everything you hit with it yes I like you know you hit it oh sorry oh I didn’t mean to oh oh.

That was so hard oh that was a critical wasn’t.

It oh I’m so sorry yeah you’re very welcome and so this is this is.

An interactive D&D 101 level workshop sir Naga so if you have questions if you want to share stories if you want to contribute to the conversation this isn’t me on a soapbox I mean I’m affectionately calling this D&D school and I’m your professor.

So sir Naga you came late to.

Class I want you to crack open your dmg to page 216 come on now come on give me your pass why are you late you’re in the bathroom.

Right sure you were uh-huh I’ve had students like you before all right so we’re gonna break from 216 here and we’re going to go to.

The characteristics that we find in NPC generation Thank You Naga I’m glad that you’re showing the the due respect to to the the professor here oh gosh alright so let’s go to NPCs and by the way when we talk about curses when we talk about curses in the next segment we.

Are going to be using more villainous statistics to come up with some creative curses bathroom smashing room I was smoking has bubonic at least I will admit it straight up I can respect that I was late cuz.

This is college and I can afford to be late that’s right you can tell the professor I’m paying you now your professor doesn’t care because they’re getting paid but you can at least tell the professor I am paying you when I was going for my master’s degree my my.

Professors were actually very upfront about that they said this is this is optional you’re choosing to come back and receive an advanced.

Degree at that said I mean we want to make it worth your while and we want you to be engaged so we’re at like we’re conscious of it we’re not just expecting participation and to hand out a degree we actually want this to be something you.

Are striving for because it is voluntary and I I appreciated that that outlook on the program so far I’m totally up for seeing how this falls for its characteristics still rocking the idea from the last time with the whole jewelry box sized.

Mimic yeah hey this is all stuff whether we make it here on stream or not brother if you want to stand it up drop it in our workshop and we can work on it or you could just say I made this as inspiration what do you all think and you receive the praise so is the players handbook the dmg you.

Open oh did I say Player’s Handbook well Dungeon Master’s guide yeah well I’m paying you thing didn’t work in law school okay so there’s detailed NPC’s we don’t necessarily need all this but if we want we can go through steps to get a little bit more more information.

It might tell us how did this item become sentient was someone.

Like sucked into it is it manifesting the personality of the first person.

You know if we want to go with this whole you have to feed it what you want it to do then it would have the personality of perhaps even the inventor the first person who tried.

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