D&d 5e Storytelling Advice: Creating Sentient Magic Items – Inspiration And Power Level

Got juiced by his own machine and maybe this is his personality you know so you know we have dr. Jekyll who was sucked into the potion in our potion is our mr. Hyde which is this consuming liquid or if we want to say it’s.

The flask that can that’s continually mixing up new potions alright let’s let’s go with appearance right you know we say that.

You know we say that uh you know someone has brown hair blue eyes or you know has tattoos or something and you’re like well how can a potion or a flask really have an appearance that’s humanoid I don’t know let’s challenge ourselves you you have this in you it’s in your brain let’s be a little wacky and see what we can do let’s roll a d20 also five ragged dirty clothes we already have.

Our abilities so I’m not worried about that I’m like if you want if you want.

We can roll like what which is the high in the low and insult like we can roll thank you very much for that follow sir.

Naga so we can make a deef REE you know int whiz cha and and we’ll see which one is gonna be the high so let’s do that let’s.

Roll a d3 one so intelligence is gonna be the high which is going to mean that int is gonna be 16 whiz is gonna be 14 and charisma is gonna be 10 there we go nice and easy a talent because again why not what’s the worst case we say yeah we don’t need it and.

We just get rid of it but why not give us more information why not inspire us even more let’s roll a d20 15 expert cook hello hello yellow yellow you got this you see.

What happens when we let inspiration just grow and we combine it with random number generation which are our friends here on this channel.

If this doesn’t fit into what we’re looking to do all right NPC Manor is sixteen it choose something hello hello hello are we.

Fortune tellers or what interactions rola G twelve nine its irritable its hangry mix all the potions super tasty and that you know what coffee can’t the snozzberries will always taste like.

Snozzberries i imagine a red ooze with various colored bubbles that when it comes out takes a humanoid appearance.

Juice brother my brother got his master’s in business admin in nursing WGU is an awesome online college yep I have mine executive business management which is kind of like in MBA plus one I don’t know so does the player okay yeah then we’re getting back up to X cat calling me out on that mistake that’s fine though I respect that too I.

Need to be I need to be brought in line now if we want to generate useful knowledge we can it’s not that I’m making hand gestures and it’s showing up.

On my second camera cuz I’m done hey hey hey what it’s it’s an inadvertent advertisement.

I guess for for a fundraiser to get miniatures we can get useful knowledge if we want or it could just be a consciousness.

And it doesn’t have a wealth of knowledge it just has like an instinct or a methodology alright it’s ideal ideal bond flaw that would be so cool a werewolf killer potion that tastes like Apple shameless plugs are just fine coffee cat says well thank you thank you alright the ideal well we’re gonna roll to d6 odds it’s a good ideal.

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