Target Exclusive Black And White I Love Lucy Funko Pop! Unboxing

What’s going on guys today we’re gonna be checking out the target Con exclusive I Love Lucy black and white pop check it out there’s the side of the box there’s the color one there’s a picture awesome awesome cover the box check it out there’s the other three pops that there is I don’t know why they didn’t make some.

Other ones but anyways but there’s the color one this is the black and white version of it so let’s go ahead and get it out of a box I really love this box it’s really cool if you like I Love Lucy great collector’s item even if you don’t collect pops or like.

Mean some of these can just be collected just because you like whatever the pop is you know I mean if you love I Love Lucy I mean you don’t have to like pops to love this but check it out there it is really really love this one I always watched I Love Lucy since I was a kid still watch it even today so I definitely definitely wanted this one when I.

Saw it check it out super detailed really really liked this one there’s a closer look let’s see how well she stands there.

She is oh oh there we go she’s got some tiny little feet so she’s kind of hard to make but let me know down in the comments what you think if you like the color one better or if you like the black and white one.

Better personally I used to watch most of it black and white so I really like this black and white one better so I don’t know about you I guess it’s all in a matter of opinion but I really like this one the best so this is the one I picked up first I believe there’s a another black.

Noble’s exclusive when she’s working in the factory or something like that I can’t remember only see the ones but that one’s pretty cool too as well I can’t wait to get that one like I said let me know down in the comments if you like I Love Lucy what’d you think about these pops and everything and once again appreciate everybody watching peace.

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