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We’re going to pray for people in just a few minutes I’m not going to talk to you long I I don’t want to I this particular sometimes you know we just have this we have this sense that we have a specific word where to get it give sometimes we’ll teach for an hour or longer we have none of.

Us were opposed to that but there are some times I come to these events in the last honestly last thing in the world I I want to do is teach I would rather just have us pray for people but I I feel to set you up.

For something I feel it’s important that I share a couple thoughts with you so I’m going to do that I’m going to ask you to turn to Matthew chapter 11 and I’m going to talk to you for just literally a.

Few minutes and then I got a couple of videos to show you of testimonies and and we’re going to pray there’s an interesting concept found.

In both the old and the new testament that has become if you want to examine what we consider to be a.

True kingdom culture it is actually built around the Vout a part.

Of it is built around the value that people have for their history in supernatural interventions of God in other words their value for.

The testimony in the Old Testament the word for testimony you know how words will come from in other words so there’s like a root word and the root word.

For the word testimony actually can be translated do again so things think about this with me the testimony actually.

Carries in the nature of the word is God’s intent to duplicate what was done in that miracle it’s such an extraordinary concept in the book of Revelation.

Chapter 19 verse 10 we find this statement made the testam of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy say that with me the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy say it again the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy now the testimony of Jesus is any spoken or written record of anything God has done it’s a spoken or written record of what God has done it could have been something he did this.

Morning it could have been the testimony of this couple who had a child a couple years ago it’s a testimony but it may be something that happened 500 years ago or a thousand years ago the interesting thing about the works of the Lord is that they have an eternal lifespan when you accomplish a goal you get a.

Degree from college you buy the house you’ve wanted you got the promotion those are all things that bring great joy to us but it’s not lasting joy it’s wonderful it’s good but eventually the house gets old eventually you’re past the degree and the thrill of the labor and the work and you’re.

Down to the work of what the the occupation that that the degree provided for you but there’s something about a miracle a miracle actually has an eternal lifespan I have walked through the sanctuary recalling things that I have seen I’ve walked through I’ve walked a walk.
Through just remembering right down here colon cancer of a young gang.

Member who heard he was he was dying he heard that Jesus still heal people and drove from another city got healed and he went back and began to work with other gang people on his.

Miracle how jesus healed him of colon cancer right back over here was a woman that got out of a wheelchair after 38 years of being in a stroke of a wheelchair.

Bound because of a stroke for 38 years and right back over here a woman was healed of an unusual situation with a broken jaw unusual severe pain right over here was a man with prostate cancer right over here on the aisle was a woman with.

Esophagus cancer during worship her hands felt warm and she turned her husband said I’ve just been healed how she’s associated with fire in her hands with the healing.

In her esophagus I don’t know but some it was is assigned or if she turned her husband’s that I’ve just been healed she went to the doctor and.

The doctor said this kind of go away and then he examined her and said you not only have no cancer you have her brand new esophagus and.

So we just go through I remember right over here a gal was healed of four serious diseases including MS and she was healed in one evening right over there against that wall and I.

Can walk through the room and I remember these stories and they feel as alive to me in the moment I recall them as they did when they happen right back over here a gal was healed who was born deaf in her forties never heard anything in her life and she’s pointing at the speakers in the ceiling Cal you might remember that because you were here at that time Cal Chris Michelle watch you guys stand up there part of they reignited the Healing Rooms in Spokane Washington that.

Which was up from John G Lake many years ago and a dear dear friends of ours once a part of our leadership team here but anyway the point I’m trying to make is.

A miracle has an eternal life span and if you just take time to consider it it will feed you it will strengthen you so.

In Revelation when it says the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy he’s saying and he spoke in a written record of anything God has done has prophetic anointing on it prophecy either foretells the future or changes the present so think through this with me a testimony has a prophetic anointing to change a present circumstance into what God.

Intended from the beginning a testimony I could talk to you easily two hours and just give you stories of how we’ve seen this happen giving a testimony a little boy healed of club feet his feet are.

Straight and he bends over he’s three years old he starts to play with the scabs on the tops of top of his feet that were on the bottom and he’s standing there touching them and his friend comes up to mrs.

And he runs in this circle and he comes running back towards us he’s got a smile that’s worth a billion dollars at least and it just erect you you realize yes this is what Jesus.

Does this is what Jesus does I share the story and a woman is visiting with her little girl almost two years old in.

Our nursery our child care and her little girl at 2 her feet are turned in so severe that when she runs she trips over her own feet she hears the story of the club feet being healed she says I’ll take that from my daughter she gets her.

Little girl after the service her daughter’s feet are already straight nobody prayed for we have story after story after story I’m telling you something because I want to show you what kind of meal you can eat every day of your life because many of you many of us it has been my history it is no longer many of us have fed our hearts on what God didn’t do.

Or what God isn’t doing what God isn’t doing is fuel for prayer but what you nourish your soul along is what God has done and what.

He’s doing you learned that one thing I can promise you a happy life how many of you have heard of Charles Spurgeon great great preacher from England.

He in 1859 July 17th one day before my birthday this should be a national holiday wrong country though he made this statement he said well he people hear about what God used to.

One of the things they say is oh that was a very long while ago I thought it was God that did it has God changed is he not.

Immutable God the same yesterday today and forever does not that furnish an argument to prove that what God has done at one time he can.

At another at another nay I think I may push it a little further and say what he has done once is a prophecy of what he intends to do again whatever God has done is to be looked upon as a precedent let us with earnest thus seek that God would restore to us.

The faith of the men of old that we may richly enjoy His grace as in the days of old I love that I love that this decree from one of these old Saints that is saying if God did it once it’s a testimony for what he wants to do again Matthew 11 we’re gonna read a few verses and I I.

Will make this quick because I want us to see video and pray look at verse 1 excuse me verse 2 when John had heard in prison about the.
Works of Christ he sent two of his disciples and said to him are you the.

For another jesus answered and said to them go tell John the.

Things which you hear and see the blind see the lame walk the lepers are cleansed and the Deaf hear the dead are.

Raised up in the poor have the gospel preached to them blessed is.

He who is not offended because of me John sends two of his disciples to Jesus quickly I want to remind you John has already pointed to Jesus standing on the banks of a river announcing this.

Is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world but now fast forward he’s been preaching he’s been baptizing he’s been doing the work he was supposed to do.

And preparing the way for Christ come he’s already prophesied who he is but now he’s in prison and he’s wondering did I get it right he sent two disciples to Jesus and he says either one or not Jesus could have taken him through an expositional teaching of the Book of Isaiah that alone could have proven who.

Was his identity because of the prophecies that are in Isaiah about his coming he could have taken him through the stories of the miraculous things that surrounded his birth the angels that visited the Shepherd’s the announcement that was made the star in the east that brought the wise men the different encounters the shepherds the wise.

Men these different ones had Anna in Simeon who met Jesus as an infant.

In the temple and prophesied his is his identity his purpose he could have gone through.

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