Asmr Doctor Ent Exam – Gentle Ear, Nose & Throat Exam (otoscope, Latex Gloves, Writing Sounds)

Hello make yourself comfortable I believe you’re not feeling too good today I can see that my nurse has checked your temperature and you do have a fever but your blood pressure is actually okay so what seems to be the major problem I gauge your throat right so you’re having almost persistent sore throats and infections okay have you got.

A cold at the moment okay are.

You having difficulty swallowing yeah do you have pain in your ears right okay how often are.

You getting these infections right yeah I’m just kind of like create strange yeah okay I think it’s it’s possibly another bout of tonsillitis I am gonna do.

A swap today just to see what bacteria is going on in there what’s what’s living in there I can tell by the way you’re speaking you have got a painful throat.
And it’s not good obviously to eat getting these things so I.

Will take a little swab of that during the examination okay are you allergic to anyone – biotics right and first things first I.

Just want to have a little listen of your chest if that’s okay have you been coughing at.

All right so just breathe in for me and I’m just gonna check around the back okay and breathe in I got here a little bit of wheeze eNOS just when your breathing what I’ll do first is just a little look in your mouth and throat if that’s okay.

I’m just gonna use this slide here so if you could just open nice and wide is why she can that’s comfortable okay and I was popped your tongue down okay I’m just gonna have a look in there.

Now oh yes it’s very swollen in there is that then okay can you just say off for.

Me okay and I can see if you spots on your tonsils so it’s and it looks like it’s tonsillitis again yeah I’m just gonna check these sides inside of your mouth I found me a second I’m just gonna first of all I’m gonna go down the side of your neck yeah bunch of your ears just behind okay and just.

All yeah it does feel a little bit swollen been easier here down just on the side of your neck which is quite normal if you’ve got a throat infection caring are you okay if I ask you to swallow a little bit of horn so I can check your thyroid gland okay so I.

Want you to take your set of this hold it in your mouth a second and then I’ll say swallow maybe swallow I will just be gently pressing on your neck okay all right so take a sip of that okay hold it hold it on there just gonna press that and then you swallow it for me okay that’s great everything seems okay with your thyroid just on palpation.
So that’s good now if you don’t mind I’m just um we’ll send.

Be checked to see what second you just open wide for me one more time I’ll be as quick as possible can you just breathe through your nose for me okay I’m gonna bring this in and just okay but it’ll swab her just in.

The back I’m sorry to be uncomfortable there we.

Go so forget this centaur we should cut the results back within 24 hours okay I’m just gonna have a little look in your eyes if that’s okay yeah okay are they feeling irritated now okay say just got a bit of a headache right okay well might be too long with this but I just wanna have a little.

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