Venom Steel Sportsman Nitrile Gloves Review, A Stronger, Disposable, Nitrile Glove

Hey this is a quick review of the venom still disposable nitrile gloves there’s 12 of them that come in this pack and they’re they they’re really easy to put on in fact they don’t notice a whole lot of difference between these and other ones that other nitrile gloves except these are actually just a little thicker now that I.

Think about it because some of the blue ones that I’ve had before are pretty thin so laying these out you can.

See they look like normal latex or nitrile nitrile nitrile whichever it is and so I’m gonna put one on and you can see that it has a length to it to protect the upper part of your arm not hugely long I mean it doesn’t look stupid or anything.

Or it doesn’t look like Surgical long surgical gloves they’re just just enough to get you up there in case you’re digging your hands in deep into something that is you know you want you want.

To protect your upper arms with also what I noticed is there is a they’re easy to to maneuver they’re kind of smooth to the touch you can you can do things with them the one thing I wanted to do is I have a rose bush over here and I’m gonna take a twig of the rose bush and squeeze it in the palm of my hand so let me grab.

That okay so here we have the Rose twig there’s the you can see the thorns coming out of it now they’re they’re really quite sharp but when I touch them like that to the nitrile gloves I don’t feel that sting so I know that I can squeeze it.

Not even though you know not like enough to but look you can see it can poke in there but it didn’t.

Tear now I can make it tear if I just pierce in there with the the pin part of the thorn and tear so.

You know they are the look it’s not that wasn’t easy to tip but that’s pretty good right and I’ll see a hole there now I’m gonna make it tear so you’ll know that these aren’t made of steel even though the name says they might be so there you go so they still will come apart if you can.

Get that opening they’re just gonna last a lot longer than the blue ones if you’re careful don’t be smart with them.

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