How To Manifest Anything With Meditation (10/24/2018)

Hey guys it’s your host of it ignites and this is the picture of the day and like I always say believe nothing and learn everything how to manifest anything through meditation guys do you know that you can manifest anything in this world through meditation you might ask how vedic night how can I meditate to achieve abundance money power.

Success guys you see the power of meditation can give you.

Anything so a lot of you guys might not know how to manifest so a lot of you guys are watching videos on YouTube right if you sit down and visualize the Ferrari then a Ferrari will appear a law of attraction but that’s not how it works there is no law of attraction we’re gonna talk about that in a separate video but don’t get disheartened you.

Can still manifest anything mind attraction.

May be the reason you manifest things guys it’s all.

Through your self conscious mind okay the subconscious mind is basically infinite it is adult Hanuman and baby Hanuman that’s your conscious mind will you know mess it up you might be trying to achieve something and you won’t be able to.

Achieve it because baby Hanuman is trying to mess it up it has too much power it’s a little kid you need to learn how to control baby on the lawn and.

Let adult Hanuman do all the work that’s your subconscious mind okay so how do you start meditating before you can manifest.

You gotta learn how to meditate so how do you meditate guys it’s very simple you sit down okay you close your eyes and that’s that’s how you meditate relax and focus focus on what you desire okay just make sure it’s realistic so don’t start focusing on.

The king of Mars okay cuz that’s not gonna work out very well okay now you can make a movie on it a comic book something is a great story it.

Seems like a great story idea write king of Mars awesome right but what I’m trying.

To say is sit down close your eyes and focus on what you desire okay this guy’s I mean you won’t believe me this can go so far into your reality that you’ll develop psychic powers yes psychic powers but now before you develop psychic powers you got to learn to meditate at least 3040 minutes a day.

And this will actually work out your brain you’ll build new neural pathways that will help you visualize better the better you visualize.

Okay it’s aligning its alignments guys look at the world this universe this matrix in terms of frequency energy vibrations everything.

In your brain is vibrating your.

Brain is just that just the brain but if within it there’s.

Neurotransmitters but in reality there’s just brainwaves guys brainwaves there’s alpha okay gamma theta Delta and most of us are just operating in the beta state that’s the first one awake right so you want to start practicing to get into the alpha brain state once you’re in.

Brain state you’ll start to see things aligning so you guys that are already seeing synchronicities raise your hand if you are okay 11 11 2 2 2 3 3 3 well guys a lot of people think it’s a mystery they don’t.

Know why they’re seeing that I’ll tell you what you’re seeing that alignments the universe.

Speaks through alignment synchronicities are just something that aligns.

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