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Group of chemically similar gases used in refrigeration.

Systems air conditioners aerosols solvents and in the production of some types.

Of packaging nitrogen oxides are a by-product of fuel burning for example from aircraft exhausts what is the ozone hole the ozone hole is not literally a hole but an area where in the total ozone amount is less than 220 Dobson units the ozone.

Hole has steadily grown in size up to 27 million square kilometres can we stop the depletion of ozone layer yes we can all we have to do is to reduce the production of those chemicals that cause the destruction of ozone like CFCs and nitrogen oxides so.

Encourage your parents relatives and friends to make sure their refrigerators and air conditioners do not have CFCs activity find out the names of scientists who discovered a recurring springtime.

Antarctic ozone hole find out about ozone gas that can be dangerous to our health biodiversity biodiversity is the variety of animals and plants found on this planet including the geographic locations they.

Are found in the diversity of.

Species is not evenly distributed throughout the planet because life depends on many factors including.

Geography for example tropical regions support more life than regions plants animals and climate work together to maintain the balance of nature they act.

As nuts bolts and oil of a perfectly tuned machine the pyramid of nature’s balance biodiversity is important for sustaining life on earth because it prevents any one species from throwing the balance of nature out of order snakes are not a welcome presence in our lives and try to get rid of them.

One of the many things that snakes feed on is rats if we were to kill all the snakes we.

Would end up having a terrible rat problem biodiversity means maintaining the balance of nature so that no one thing can become too powerful and.

Therefore bad for everyone else what is sustainability the word sustainability has many meanings to maintain support and your and withstand it most commonly.

Means maintaining the world we live in the main idea is that we must act responsibly so that the resources on the planet will be able to support many generations to come there.

Are a limited amount of resources on earth which are exploited every day to produce houses cars computers and pretty much everything sustainability means to maintain these resources forever our actions have a deep impact on the environment and we need to protect it for the future generations.

If something is sustainable you should ask yourself the question can I do this forever let’s take a look at the product plastic to understand this better plastic was introduced in the early 1990s and is a mass-produced item today we use plastic for everything.

From food containers to lamps toys bottles bags and much more plastic takes millions of years to decompose so.

What happens to all this plastic after we finish using it we end up with a large amount of plastic.

That is just taking up space on earth so now if we ask can I do this forever the answer is no plastic is just one example of unsustainable consumption here are a few ways your actions can contribute.

To sustainability lifestyle your lifestyle is your.

Choice and you change it always carry your own cloth bag when you go.

Grocery store avoid plastic bags fixing if your watch toy or camera is broken don’t just buy a new one try fixing it recycle be conscious about the things around you maybe you can.

Reuse some of them needs versus wants before you buy something ask yourself the question do I need it or do I want it remember sustainability begins with you so act locally and think globally.

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