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Yeah you could say it’s time to do an empty city you know tons of products here to talk to you about today it’s weird to sit down and do a video I don’t think I’ve done one in two maybe even three weeks even though you’ve seen them every week sometimes I’ll pre film things if I’m gonna be travelling.

So when you haven’t filmed in a while and you sit down to film it’s strange but good I’m glad to be here so today we’re gonna tackle this huge bag of empty products its collective empty products mostly Eco organic but it really runs the gamut from.

Skincare to body care lifestyle etc the only thing that’s not in here is any makeup because I have another makeup specific sort of empty product declutter video that I wanted to do in advance of filming my makeup collection which is pretty imminent I’ve always.

Said that I would do a makeup collection video when I hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube and I hope that that happens soon so I’m sort of preparing to.

Do that and have done a really substantial clean-out and there’s a bunch.

Of empty makeup in here as well so this will be coming up probably in the coming months but for today let’s check I can’t believe how much is.

In here this is gonna be a long video please grab a beverage a snack whatever you need so let’s get started okay I pulled before I.

Actually dive into the bag there’s even a little bit more I.

Pulled a cluster of products that are literally on the tail end of baby finished and then I’ll finish them in the next week or two probably but they’re not like fully empty but I figured I would just throw them into this video so that I don’t have to deal with having them kick around.

So I think I have one or two wipes left in here these are the Bloom Naturals daily cleansing and makeup remover towelettes these are sort of my most favorite face wipes that I use which I don’t use with any really real regularity on a day-to-day basis but they’re great for travel they’re great if I’m wearing like a ton of makeup and I need to like a lot of times I like using these to remove a foam.

Cleanser if I’m wearing like a lot of makeup or again great for travel I’ve also been trying the Ursa Major wipes and I still continue to like these.

Better than those several body care products this much left of this is the la beyond organic body wash for toning skin I’ve heard people say that they think this may.

Be discontinued which would break my heart because.

This is like my favorite shower gel of life I have one more I bought two of these directly from the company’s UK website over Black Friday they had like 25% off.

Or something so you might still be able to order directly from the UK website and they have really good international shipping and then let’s see how much of this is left I’ll probably finish this this week during one exfoliation this is the red flower bioactive very white peat exfoliant this is my first full-size jars a jar of this but I had.

Whose smells so good I had gone through like some sample sizes and decided to buy a full-size I actually already.

Of these in the queue I love it it is my favorite body exfoliator I have ever found and then I have two sort of home products this is the wood lot everyday mist in the sweet grass energizing scent it’s just.
Kind of a room mist as with essential oils of.

Juniper cedar and lavender and then this is my second bottle of the captain Blankenship New Moon smokeless smudge spray.

I have about that much left of that this might take me.

A little longer to get through I probably use this once or twice a week this all use kind of when I remember it’s really great in a bathroom actually I really liked it for that and I like just having if.

I’m not gonna do like a full essential oil diffuser set a word or totally felt like burning candles lately for whatever reason these sorts of products are really nice okay that was just the preliminary intro to empty products now let’s dive in here the first thing I just pulled from my office at work yesterday this is the Republic of tea organic mint Fields tea it’s actually not empty there’s well I got through most of it there’s probably eight teabags left in here you.

Really don’t like this tea at all I bought it to just have a sort of an afternoon tea at work and the Republic of tea makes my absolute favorite black teas I love their British breakfast I love their organic some tea I love their Irish breakfast tea they make excellent black teas but this one was a total bust for me.

I hated it I think I’m very particular about mint teas no no no no I have several other red flower products to follow with the theme of that exfoliant this is an empty travel size of the Arctic berry cloud milk cream and this is a an empty full-size of the Arctic berry cloud milk cream I don’t.

Currently have another one of these I like to always have one of these around but I thought that they were out of stock they might actually be back in stock I know red flower was having a little bit of production issues with this product but I’m thinking they have been.

Resolved or are close to being resolved it should be available via Beauty heroes if.

It is I’ll link below and then I just had gotten this travel sized one which was great I actually could we’ll probably just wash and reuse this because it’s a really nice little travel body cream container to keep around these are just such holy grail body care products for me I have tried other white flower body care products and this particular range from red flower continues to just be my favorite.

Okay this is not an empty actually have another haircare product that I see as you know I did them like a 35 minute video on my hair struggles recently so you can go watch that if you.

Want to hear more and I think I.

Talked about these products there but I basically had to do a.

Complete swap out of all of the hair products that I was using because my hair had grown really accustomed to some of these products and.

Was just looking horrendous so the things I’m using now I’m really liking and this is there’s probably maybe a quarter of the product left in here but I know.

I’m just not going to use it it’s the rare.

Elements pure shampoo it worked for me for a while but ultimately I think it was just a little bit too heavy for my hair type it could be good if you want like a very.

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