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Sort of moisturizing shampoo that’s kind of eco luxury I look again I liked it.

For a while that it’s one of those.

Weird products that like I never really fell in love with but I didn’t really hate either was just a incredibly ambivalent about it so I’m just gonna toss it because I’m not gonna use it and then this is an.

Empty inner sense pure harmony shampoo I have another brand new full-size one of.

These in the new packaging in my beauty storage area but I’m taking a little break from this product my hair had built up.

Some sort of resistance to it but for a while it was very much sort of a Holy Grail hair care product for me it’s formulate this one is formulated for fine to normal hair they also have that very moisturizing range the one that came in the Beauty.

Heroes box last year if you’ve never tried this I think you might absolutely love it at least for a while just be sure to rotate and don’t let your hair become overly dependent on it that’s what I would say oh my gosh I have another empty shampoo this is old this is the.

John masters organics scalp shampoo it’s spearmen and meadowsweet scalp stimulating I have tried every John masters organics shampoo in their range over the years they were like one of the first eco hair care brands I was really into when I read no more dirty looks and I always had sort of moderate success with this hair care brand this one is it was fine I ended up using it to shave with.

Just to use it it was a shampoo that you always have to sort of double cleanse with it’s not really.

Gonna get a lot of buildup out of your hair I just needed to go through a period that I’m in now of.

Like using a veda and using some more clarifying products they’re really gonna get my scalp clean and.

Balanced so taking a break but I actually do think that this is a really nice introductory brand to eco hair care if you’re new to eco hair products and you’re used to more like luxury eco products I mean they’re very gentle I guess that’s what I would say but.

They do make a really my favorite shampoo that they do is probably the zinc it’s I forget what it’s called but it’s in kind of a matte light olive green packaging and I went through several bottles of that it kind of has that marshmallow smell that’s very pleasant and it’s quite a nice product the honey and hibiscus line is also very nice but.

Very moisturizing oh I have actually another empty package of the balloon wipes that shows you how.

Much I rely on them and really like that this.

Is another product it’s like in every empty products a video of.

My in the desert essence natural tea tree oil whitening plus mouthwash like I literally think if you go back to the first empty products video I ever did on YouTube this is.

In that video I’ve been using this product for like five years four or five years maybe even more but I’ve been making videos for about four years but that’s actually a really nice little detour I can make.

Time this video goes up I don’t know if it will be live I’m sitting on it and I shouldn’t be my new website it’s effectively done the only thing that needs to be done is I need to hand migrate 95% of my old blog posts from.

My old website but literally everything else is ready to go and there’s an archive of every YouTube video I’ve ever done that ever done that searchable by like category so I.

Think that’ll be a really nice feature I’m going to do a little screencast tour of my new website coming up soon but I bring that up because like if you watch my first empty products video this is probably in it and now there’ll be an easy way to find that another haircare product this is the Wonder seed virgin hemp seed oil conditioner in the scent sweet orange.

Again I feel like I’ve talked about this in previous hair videos I’ve done Wonder seed used to be a haircare brand I loved and really really relied.

On until my hair sort of built up a tolerance to it I guess I find that if I use products for any longer than like two years I guess I would say my hair starts to rebel against them so I used to this actually probably for longer than two years and then what ended up happening is when I would use them a it would just sort of turn my hair into feeling like straw I haven’t used Wonder seed in a while this.

Is quite old because I and I wasn’t even using this on my hair I was using it to shave with a lot of times I’ll repurpose shampoos and conditioners to shave with if I can’t.

Get them can’t get them to work for my hair this is actually very affordable you can get this brand on Amazon and again if you’ve never tried them I think they’re totally worth trying until you develop a resistance huh okay I see two candles right here this is.

The brand carry a flare a this is the tto firebrand candle I fell in love with this candle when I was an international orange for the first time a couple of years.

Smelled it in store I didn’t buy a gun because I had to travel from San Francisco to Boston and they didn’t have any room essentially to bring it.

So I ended up finally buying one off some online candle retailer that I’m blanking on the name of but like some sort of candle Emporium.

About $45 so like sort of a more expensive candle and I have to say I was sadly really underwhelmed with this I had really high expectations for it the scent throw was really minimal they’re.

Made in France I mean you know like you understand why I bought it I’m sure like the packaging is beautiful it actually.

It smells really really good if you I like these sorts of woodsy scenery masculine unisex campfire sorts of smells that’s what this is but I think it is a more like natural brand it’s carried an international orange which carries lots of more natural brands but I was really underwhelmed I would just wanted it to perfume my room more and it just didn’t so I probably would not buy this again okay and then the other candle is from the brand love letters in the scent frosty.

Pine it’s a soy bean candle again more natural and it’s a handmade product out of the.

Brand is out of Miami Florida and this was actually a holiday gift from a very dear friend of mine and I loved this candle it was like perfect for Christmastime and early winter I love pine an evergreen sorts of.

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