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Scents indoors in the winter the central of this was actually beautiful and I felt like it I really could smell it in the room I thought the packaging was really gorgeous it kind of has this like wax embossing on.

The top so I had never heard of the brand before but I do believe you can get them on Etsy I’m like there now.

We’re getting like too little stuff so I’m like I tackle this another body care product is another deodorant and a body care product this is the CV skin labs body repair lotion I loved this they sent me a couple of their products including the rescue relief spray which I am I have about a quarter of my bottle.

It’s in like the same sort of packaging left of that I love it would absolutely repurchase I’m not sure but necessarily we purchased the lotion right away because while it was nice it was well now that I’m saying that I’m currently using the acure unscented lotion and I do like this better it’s hydrating but lightweight the acure one that I’m using is definitely like a more occlusive heavy lotion but it’s like a.

Quarter of the price so when I finish that I might actually return to this it’s beautiful their products are very very high quality and they’re formulated for people with extremely sensitive even like in actively inflamed sorts of skin so I loved this I’m loving the rescue and relief spray just super super good and then this is an empty lot vanilla deodorant in fresh vanilla lemon I’m using another one right now.

In a different scent I always have backups of these and I interchange it usually with Schmidt’s in the pot which is probably my favorite a truly eco deodorant little foil packets sample things these are the Peter Thomas.

Roth cucumber detox hydrogel eyepatches did not like these at all they were fragranced and I could not keep them on my eye area for any more than five minutes because the fragrance really bothered me I so I can’t.

Even honestly really tell you if they made any difference or how they felt on because the scent was just overwhelmingly too much for me I use the honest hazel eye gels which I haven’t done in forever so this is a good reminder that I should.

Go do that because I have some in my refrigerator and then this is the Cicely Black Rose cream.

Mask which has a total cult-like following I used this over Christmas time I remember because I didn’t Instagram post on it and I was completely underwhelmed for a product that gets so much love the full-size of this is quite expensive I think it’s like a hundred somewhere between 120 and 140 dollars I think it made zero impact on my skin I’ve said this before about moisturizing masks a lot of times I think that they’re best used in.

Conjunction as part of like a masking routine like if you just kind of cleanse your face and.

Put on a moisturizing mask I don’t think you’re gonna see like a hue and leave it on for half an hour.

You’re probably not gonna see like a huge difference I guess maybe if your skin is like.

Extremely dehydrated or I don’t know I’m a normal skin type for the most part I find that I see more results from moisturizing masks after I’ve.

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