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Or a clarifying mask or a detox mask or if.

You sleep in them I guess they can make a bigger difference but I tried sleeping in this and I just saw like no change I don’t know if it’s a.

Product that if you used it once or twice a week regularly you would see a cumulative effect it’s supposed to sort of have.

Anti-aging qualities but I would not be spending my own money on that product okay I have a couple of cleansers I have an empty Jordan Samuel plie already have another one of these and it’s my favorite cleanser to bring when I’m traveling.

Don’t tend to use it actually in my day-to-day routine very much but when I’m traveling it’s what I bring because it’s perfect and then I finally finished up the Christina holy and Marie Veronique.

Was a little bit of a chore to get through I’ve talked about these products a lot other places I probably wouldn’t repurchase just for my personal skin type it was not terribly enjoyable to use but.

It was effective I see a few tests this is the reparative moisturizer for dry skin and this is the revitalizing body oil I liked both neither or something that I think I would repurchase or in this case purchased a full-size of this was nice again to use for travel it was very nice to mix.

In with the red flower arctic berry cloud milk cream but I didn’t really like it.

Enough as a body oil compared to my other favorite body oils like precious skin.

Elixir citrine or the couscous body waxes or the virion signature body oil like Mac scent or the max and me body oils like to me those are more I like those more.

Than this this I liked actually.

For a while but it’s a lot of product and I wasn’t getting through it enough I had probably gotten through that much using it as a face moisturizer and also I feel like when I got this it was a couple of years ago my skin type sort of changed my skin type has been changing slowly over the years I used to be extremely dry skin type and now I’m.

Just very normal and this was actu actually ended up becoming a little bit too heavy for my skin and I just wasn’t using.

Lot so I actually ended up using it as a body care product just as a body lotion then that’s how I was able to use the whole thing up I do have an empty desert essence organic jojoba oil and a.

Plastic bag so doesn’t leak all over the other stuff actually I’m almost done I should have put that in in the little beginning part of things that are almost done I have another one that’s about that much left so this is what I used to take off my eye makeup on organic cotton rounds at the end of every night I see.

Dental care products let me cluster those so we can have some semblance of organization their dental care things an empty toms fluoride free travel toothpaste I already have another one of these that I.

Bought from Whole Foods for.

Travel it’s great it’s not what I use in my day-to-day life but this is a great travel one because of the size but what I use every day is the David’s toothpaste and I have an empty one here currently using another one this is the only toothpaste I’ve used for the last couple of years but every container comes.

With these metal keys for you to get every little bit of toothpaste out so there’s an empty one of those for you and empty doctor tongues smart floss which is my favorite floss although I have also been using this little sample of the Coco floss.

Deliciously mint floss actually my boyfriend’s dentist gave him this sample and I swiped it from him and I posted it on Instagram I remember and I got some DM some people don’t really can you review that and I told my boyfriend and he was like I think he thinks a lot more ela music is quite endearing and yeah he’s like take the floss review it tell me how.

It is um I like it actually I am very particular with floss my teeth are quite close together and I don’t enjoy using most flosses which is why finding doctor tongues was such a revelation for me.

And Coco floss is very nice I still like dr. tongs a little bit better but this is quite a nice.

One these are what I was referring to when I talked about the bloom face wipes these are the Ursa Major for in one essential face wipes you can buy a travel pack.

Or like a sample pack of five off their website I’ve used all of them so I don’t think I would buy them again a lot of people really like.

These and they were slightly too astringent on me I just didn’t really like how they felt on my skin I much prefer how these leave my skin I guess I do sort of like the fate of the essential for in one face tonic a little bit more and what I think of these are cotton wipes that are soaked in.

That formula so for some reason I like the spray better than the wipe I just wasn’t really a massive fan another.

Haircare product this is an empty travel size Giovanni tea.

Tree triple treat invigorating shampoo love this and actually I bought this just on a whim at Whole Foods because I needed a shampoo to take for travel and.

I ended up falling in love with this product and I now have a full-size in my shower and.

Another travel one going sort of I guess above and beyond John masters organics I think Giovanni is a very very effective natural hair Caroline that’s very affordable and then you can get at Whole Foods the.

Price point is lower than John masters organics again I used to use Giovanni in like the mid-2000s and I think my hair just sort of built up a bit of a tolerance but you know come back 10 plus years later and.

It works great so I’m just gonna be conscious to not overuse it but I’m getting really good results from this one in particular right now the tea tree triple treat we’re making very good progress you guys do this so here’s another.

Little Ursa Major product that I wanted to mention I should have mentioned that those other little foil.

Packet things this is the golden hour recovery cream I got.

This as a sample in I think it was in a credo order I got like a little.

Sample pack and I really liked.

This this is what inspired me to want to try other or some major products I think maybe calm next fall or winter I’m gonna buy a full sized jar of this it’s just it was really an ice cream I did an Instagram post on this okay I have an empty josie maran Nirvana mist I already have another full-size one of these going I love it for makeup setting spray every morning after I do my makeup I will mist this over my face to just.

Take down any sort of powdery look which I don’t tend to gex I don’t really wear a lot of powder but just really nice to kind of set things in place and.

Give a very dewy fresh look to the skin it’s a super super fine micro-mist it.

Smells like kind of light cucumber but not overly synthetic you come I just really like it in the bottle lasts forever at least a year probably more like I think I used mine for a year and a.

Half or even two years with regular use and it’s just a great product I hope they never discontinued it okay these.

I wanted to show but what they’re gonna they’re gonna go in my empty annual beauty heroes bag for my beauty heroes retrospective but I did finish both of the skin out products from the fall I think these were featured so it’s the Maqui berry beauty whip and the.

Maqui berry beauty drops I really love the beauty whip I actually have another full-size one of these thank God Beauty here she actually just did another weekend edition with another a brand ambassador on these let me know if any of you decided to take advantage of that and pick up this I think you got a free one of the beauty whips if you spent 85 on skin all products in the store or something I thought it sounded like a really great deal and.

Something I would have considered if I didn’t already have a knife I didn’t have one of these in the key already because it’s a really good product really good for travel after you’ve been on airplanes and stuff the.

Alcohol scent never seems to bother me I know.

It did bother some people and the Maqui berry beauty drops I liked a little bit less but I did use them up and I ended up at the end using them up on my body that’s what I’ll say for now and you’ll hear more in my retrospective which will happen in the fall so it is the ways off and we just have some remaining little things in here red flower purifying body wash a little travel-size body wash so I didn’t love this I don’t know what it is about this range the.

Arctic berry range that’s so good to me a lot of other red flower products I try from other ranges that they do don’t live up to the Arctic berry range for me and this is an example like it was fine but not something I would seek out or want to have a full size of okay the though writing is a little bit rubbed off on this but this is the activist botanical cleansing oil I actually do.

This one as well that I haven’t opened yet but this is a really really nice rinsable cleansing oil it would be similar to thing like the one love organics cleansing oil or the Tata Harper cleansing oil the full-size comes in a nice pump dispenser so kind of replaces this in my routine and I think it’s great it rinses very clean its pleasant scent and pleasant to massage on the skin yeah I think that’s what I have to say about that okay this is no.

This is stark city recalibrating oil I think it was just time for me to declutter this actually there’s maybe a third of it left I.

Really like this of her to face oil city and midnight I prefer midnight a little bit more it’s sort of more her p. face oil although you definitely can use it in the morning and city is more of her a. oil and I consider it to be more for people to the oily combo side of normal and midnight I consider to be more to like the dry side of normal normal to the dry side although I’m normal and I can use both just fine I just.

Wasn’t really reaching for it and it was time to move it along and it’s quite old it’s like over a year old at this point this is all that’s left okay what do we have here this is actually a declutter not an empty this is the wetter spoon organic lip care it’s like a lip chopstick in coconut lime it just went bad but I did like it what our spoon it’s very old it’s probably three years old.

What our spoon and like my first year at making memorial our music reached out and wanted to send me some honey and they sent me like a trio of their lip balms and I kind of.

Kept them around for a while this is the last sort of hold out until it just kind of started melting and going bad.

But I did like it this is also not fully empty but it’s the Azmi organics spot treatment it basically just started becoming not very effective and I think it’s because it’s old I don’t even think it’s in this packaging anymore I think that they redid the packaging I probably used a quarter of it when I first got it and it was sort of at its most potent I did find it to be really effective and then like I can’t even really remember.

When this was but I started having some like random angry cystic skin eruptions and this was literally doing nothing and what ended up working more for.

The lien a purify face wash on as an overnight spot treatment like sort of dry it out I had a lot of success with that and then just from Starke recently send me her attend spa treatment and I also have been getting good results with that if I have had a breakout which I not gone would have not been having recently this is oh I don’t know.

Why I decided to get rid of this the Carrie.

Grande liquid maybe I won’t really get rid of this I think I just feel like I wasn’t using it I’m gonna move this actually.

Over to my makeup declutter bag and we’ll see how I feel about it then I guess what I’ll say is that the usnea lip doctor is sort of my most holy grail lip product and I just found myself.

Not reaching for the lip whip at all I don’t find that it moisturizes my lips doesn’t stay on my lips long enough to moisturize them the way that the lip doctor does so I don’t know let’s just move that we’ll put off dealing with that decision and then these are two empty face oils and I love both of them the first is the Marie Veronique rejuvenating night’s oil I have never tried this and.

You guys I wish I had a full tally for how many face oils I’ve used since I got into like green beauty and using face oils I mean like close to a hundred I feel like I mean I’ve tried so many like at least 60 to 80 I would say and so many are good but they’re not noteworthy and they’re not something I would be like really interested in buying it’s really hard.

To find a face oil that I try that I would want to spend 80 plus dollars.

On a full sized bottle of and actually both of these I feel that I feel strongly about that I would want to do that I have done a face oil lineup video haven’t I I’ll link it below I’m almost positive I have Marie.

Veronique rejuvenating night oil was just so good everything from the scent to the effect to how I would wake up my skin would be it was just very memorable and very much something that’s on my wish list and.

Then the second one is the precious skin elixirs tourmaline radiance elixir after a couple uses of it just from this little sample I was totally love with it and Marissa generously gifted me with a full-size bottle of it so it now sits in my current skincare routine in fact most mornings I’ll do half a pump of tourmaline with half a pump of the fit glow redness rescue.

Cream and that’s like my morning moisture routine if they sit up there for me with Laurel Sun damage repair serum that’s another like absolute favorite face oil I’m trying to think of what some of my other like really amazing noteworthy.

Face oil stark midnight is definitely one those are for really really good.

Ones to me personally everyone loves the vendors daughter and I’m just like Gaius not into it okay I feel really good about doing this video it was so satisfying I love being back.

In front of the camera even though probably doesn’t feel to you like I’ve been gone I feel like.

I’ve sort of been gone please say hi in the comments I would just love to hear from you it just always.

Makes my day to read your comments if you have any questions about anything that I talked about today let me know or if you have recommendations I I’m always open to them you guys give me such great suggestions any other little announcements I have for you there’ll be.

Some activity coming up on patreon I’m going to be doing a live stream and I think I’m gonna make it like an early evening get unready with me livestream to kind of mix up the time that’ll probably be you’ll be seeing this Sunday and it’s gonna be some day this week either Monday or Tuesday probably but at the announcement will have been posted before and then I’m going to be doing a patron exclusive video.

Of telling you what’s in my youtube subscription feed why I watch who I watch and I’m also making a list of.

People that I don’t watch anymore and why I don’t watch them anymore so.

That should be interesting if it’s been a very highly requested video actually so that’s the April patron exclusive thank you so much to everyone that’s supporting one more on patreon new website will.

Be up very soon and I’m just hoping that it’ll make your experience of searching for some of my archived.

Content easier and then the thing I’m probably most excited about on the website is I have basically a curated favorites page where I have capsules of literally my top products in every category skincare body hair makeup.

Hair lifestyle kitchen everything like that as kind of all condensed in one place and it looks so beautiful and I’m very very happy with it I I feel like I’ve observed other people when they redo their websites or like do a rebrand I’m not doing a rebrand but well they’re gonna like unveil a new website they sound kind of like how I’m sounding now so I hope it.

Doesn’t sound annoying but I am pretty excited about it thank you so much for watching and I’ll talk to you guys really.

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