Empties And Product Reviews

Everyone I have a little bit of time so I am going to shoot an empties video as you can see it is full and I wanted to empty this stuff out especially before we leave for our wedding I thought sure if I will fill it up again in the meantime you guys know my family goes through some stuff.

And I don’t like holding on to it for a month two months three months because I.

How the product was I like to shoot these weekly and I fill up a basket weekly so the first thing I.

Went through is the downy I believe I have told you guys about this before if you are new to the channel I do empties videos I give you guys my reviews on the products I am a couponer as you can see here just a little bit of my stuff so I do tend to go through a lot of products plus we are a family of six and wanting to let you guys know if it’s worth the purchase or save your money and this definitely is worth the purchase especially if you got boys kids.

In sports cheerleading outfits all that good stuff this downy sports works awesome and smells amazing next time you guys are in the store give this one a.

Whiff and I’m telling you it stays on the clothes the next.

Item we went through was a dove and this was the micellar water the anti-stress don’t think it gave me.

It smelled good it’s dove it works good and no complaints on that the next item I went through the next item I went through was this Olay clear clearly clean face whites and they had like a rough on one side and soft on the other I liked him but Frank even liked him more and he sold the rest for me and use them up I.

Got this at Dollar General on clearance I paid $2 I believe it was on the mega clearance event but couponing if I can get this for a dollar two dollars I definitely pick up again it is worth trying if you guys and you know the abrasive pads and went through some candles here the Dollar Tree.

Ones you guys know I really like these ones and as you can see they burn very well the next one I went through is a mulberry and fig as you can see this did not burn well and I didn’t like I don’t know.

I like the older sensor the cinnamon ones this just didn’t burn well for me as you can see but I like those candles it’s just a hit or miss on those the.

Next item and this is just random you guys I’m just picking out of the basket and I love love-love-love suave body wash and as you can see I’ve got.

Many name brands of body wash I think that’s just hair care over there but I’ve got many many brands this is my favorite.
I am not gonna lie the next one I do have to try that I haven’t tried.

Is I think I’m gonna put the Nivea one in the shower or either the zest because I like to give.

You guys rubies on all my couponing goodies this tropical.

Coconut smells amazing I even use this as bubblebath use this as body wash this is my favorite I I would rather have this.

Over the Dove I’m weird like that though you guys but I dig it then I went through a Pantene 3 minute miracle so here’s my and I have different kinds like the repair and protect I am going to try them all.

Out but I’m not impressed with this one I don’t know if it’s just cuz it’s smooth and sleek like I said I want to try the others but so far this is a no for me if.

You are looking for a repair mask or a deep conditioner Ozzy will do it for you the next thing we.

Went through is this Vaseline intensive care really really like this stuff will definitely repurchase went through a crest white 3d white yeah I.

Think this one was in the shower radiant meant really really like this it’s not too hot so even my older kids used it the younger boys went through a vitamins I got this coupon I think this is my last gummy ones the kids.

Really really like these a little too much because they will eat those up then if you guys don’t know I keep hand sanitizer by the front door so the minute that the kids.

Will come home or the hubby comes home because he’s a banker he deals with people the kids at school deal with people sick people so we go through hand sanitizer a lot so this is always.

By the front door and the honey went through age of men care he said this one lasted him.

About a month and a half he loves this stuff I will only buy it if I at least get a couple dollars off couponing I haven’t.

I don’t think I’ve got them free other than using like I bought and stuff the money you know that I get from my father but um yeah I will never pay full price but I will pay a little higher than I normally do for that stuff then.

I went through a Mitel it was my first time trying it you guys know I got this really cheap as you can see at Kroger in would you.

Guys believe I’ve never tried my whole before and I don’t know it was always like five or six dollars.

And I’m like I’m not paying that I’ll just take a ibuprofen love it highly recommend I have endometriosis if you guys don’t know so this helped a lot bite the bullet.

And by that is something I will pay full price for the next item I went through is a gimme a good face and.

This was a primer it’s by trust fund beauty really really like this stuff so far them as far as all the primers that I’ve tried and if you guys been watching my empties they’re all the same to me honestly I don’t see a difference primers primer it works good I mean.

I don’t you guys maybe maybe I need to try different stuff but like I said I’ve tried some brands this is the cool uh sunscreen and I put this on my face is it even for your face classic sunscreen white team moisturizer planet and protection organic skincare I don’t know but I use this stuff on my face work twelve I use that along like during the summer then I went through this.

Is my second bottle I got this at I think Walmart hair salon it is the brand Regis and it is a basically a.

Detailer leaving conditioner and I got it buy one get one half.

All for free or something like that really really like this stuff but glad to see go because I’m excited to use some new stuff especially samples that I get and then I you guys saw me just haul this at Dollar Tree put it in the bath with Frankie just now I can’t tell you guys the color is not there you may need to use two or three of them which I’m.

Not willing to spend three dollars on a bath bomb when you can get all different ones so it was fun great stocking stuffer.

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