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Hey guys run out of here welcome hey guys Ranade here welcome back to my channel this video is going to be episode 2 in my yearly empties I’m gonna be sharing with you all of my body cavities from the last year I feel like I’m losing the light already I’m filming with natural lighting and it’s November in bed.
Mark so I feel like I’m fighting the clock here.

And there’s a lot of products to get through so I’m gonna try to be as concise as I possibly can so these are all of.

Get to it shall we okay so the first couple of things I have here are these vive feminine soaps I mean it’s the same so it’s just I buy this big jug probably once a year and then it lasts me for the rest of the year showering everyday I absolutely love this Vivi is perfect for feminine hygiene I probably left the brand the nozzle broke unfortunately but this is sort of my I think this.

Is my third bottle and that’s the first time that has happened and I think it’s because I dropped it so don’t judge it.

On that and I just loved these mini travel bottles I’ll probably keep them instead of tossing them because I have one in.

My gym bag one in my travel toiletry bag they’re just really really handy and I recommend.

That if you’re in the market speaking of feminine hygiene how did we started the video off that way I have this menstrual cup which is from organic cup I’m size a if you curious it’s 100% silicone we use a bowl I just made the.

Switch last year I swear from using pads to Mitchell cups and I feel like I’ll never go back I absolutely love it it solves a lot of the problems that I was having up until now it’s way.

Way cheaper it’s very convenient because you can wear it for 12 hours at a time depending on how heavy your flow is that day.

But you can just switch it out in the comfort of your own home morning and night you can swim you can go.

Gym there’s no annoying tampon string is showing through it’s just a really really good product that’s good for the environment and it’s very very comfortable I’ve never been a.

Big tampon person they kind of hurt me and they make me feel very very dry it which is not the case with this because it doesn’t soak anything up it just collects which I find a lot more comfortable and because it’s not a pad it’s just it’s very hygienic there’s no smell and I feel like I’ve talked about it’s part of a long time I highly recommend this and when I just transitioned I was kind of paranoid about leaking because I didn’t trust myself with the.

Correct answer in surgeon or you know what I mean I was using a lot of panty liners so I have a few it doesn’t leak just FYI and I don’t need them anymore but uh I went through quite a few last year I have a couple of these.

Weight baby wipes maybe I have more I just can’t see them right now but I used them for many different purposes refreshening up cleaning my vanity cleaning my hands as I’m doing my makeup just many different things they’re really good and then speaking of dental hygiene I have one two three four five six and six seven or so floss packages maybe I have.

More I just can’t see them right now these are the Jordan easy reach flosser superior entre floss optimal Y shape for back teeth cleaning and a dental these are.
My favorite right now I’m using a more sort of.

More of a permanent solution I have a plastic stick and then you just have exchangeable ends but they’re Dourdan again I think Jordan is the best friend for dental hygiene or for floss because it really doesn’t shred it doesn’t rip I floss every single.

Day and I really really like these have some oral-b toothbrushes I.

Usually my favorite ones are the ones with the rubber on the sides and then like different length bristles so I really enjoyed these but right.

Now I’m sort of transitioning to a more sustainable solution I’m using the bamboo wooden toothbrush with more natural bristles just for environmental considerations but if I wasn’t concerned about it I was just repurchased these I also have these travel.

Sized baby wipes that I keep in my purse or cleaning my hands and many different things that happened on the go as well so these are really good to have they’re very affordable they don’t dry out even don’t they have this sticky kind of a slap no perfumes so not your take and they’re absolutely fine I have four mouth washes two of.

Them are the Listerine Kuhlman mouth washes which are my favorite I’m using one right now as well that’s fairly new I have this dental whitening antibacterial mouthwash that I didn’t like I didn’t like the taste of.

It and I have a Colgate complete mouthwash which I also didn’t like because again I’m really used to the Listerine taste and that’s my favorite and I have this mouth spray kind of a mini one that I bought to refreshing up on the go but I don’t like it I don’t like the taste and I just never used it so I’ve had this.
For a very long time and I’m just gonna toss.

Much prefer mints or chewing them now noticing I have these excellent tooth care flocek s– probably bought it because the store that I bought them.

Jordan brand and they rip really easily so they’re not my favorite and I will not repurchase this is kind of strange.

I don’t know if I should include it in here or not but I have this breast tape um I just use it with very revealing tops I used it a couple of times last year so there’s four sets of the tape and reusable nipple covers sort of I.

Think they’re really good and handy and my breasts aren’t that big so I can get away with it so I.

Just wanted to mention them here before I toss them when it comes to showering I’m a big fan of scrubbing I have a Lofa here and the reason why I’m mentioning this is because it’s so big the one I have now is a lot smaller and I’m noticing that I don’t enjoy it quite as much it’s just very nice and enlarged so I can like easily handle it and I I really really liked.

It while I was using it you’re supposed to exchange them every few months because of the bacteria that it collects so I’m getting rid of it but I got this in Germany at.

A border shop when we were driving from Denmark and I really like this when I’m not using the Lofa I’m using a loofah loofah loofah you don’t know me what am i using that I’m using these gloves these are from the body shop I.

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