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Have other ones going right now again you’re supposed to exchange them every every so often I really really like scrubbing my body and I feel like this gives me a lot of control so like I’m using my own hand and I have dry skin so scrubbing does my body good otherwise I’m very a she and itchy during the winter and this really helps it makes my skin super soft yeah I.
Showering I have shower caps here I take a shower every day.

But I don’t wash my hair every day so I’ve noticed that if my hair it’s wet it.

Kind of ruins whatever hairstyle I’m having so I just like my hair not to.

Get wet in the shower and this was my favourites but it broke like that the rubber broke which is why it looks like this now otherwise I use just the cheap ones from the hotels you know that they give you a.

Hotel they collect them and use them throughout the year I also have this mini travel sized trimming.

In wipe but I keep in my purse or when I’m on the go and when I travel and they’re really nice to have I also.

Size and these you can actually flush as opposed to a lot of other.

Ones that you can flush and that’s kind of handy sometimes if a public bathroom or public restroom doesn’t have a trash bandit so I thought that was neat I have to shower gels here this is the Puma be very shower gel mild and nourishing extracts of honey and ginger no parabens or colorant colorants the smell of this was fine Komal is I believe a sports equipment and clothing brand here in Denmark so this.

Is a very sporty kind of product is very thick it’s very luxurious but it’s just very to the point and.

Very cheaply and lasted me for a very long time I didn’t mind it at all I would probably purchase it at some point and.

Then this I bought really cheaply – this is the Revlon spa experience shower gel with water lily extract and.

This has a very strong smell a very strong fake pretty smell I got sick of it very quickly and.

I wouldn’t refer to said it was too intense for me and it wasn’t a scent that I found so pleasant to begin so if you’re sensitive to smells this might be way too intense and then I also have.

Massage glove I lost it somewhere and I’m not mad about it because I didn’t like it it wasn’t easy to handle and it didn’t scrub my body down well and I just.

I didn’t care for it and I’m glad I lost it I have this comb well spa spa wasa fee cleansing face and body foam with white hibiscus and organic avocado oil I got this from my friend Alma when she was moving back to Iceland and she was cleaning out her apartment I don’t use foam foamy products on my face so I used it on my body the smell is pretty intense yeah it’s very intense.

I was using it it was fine I I’m not gonna buy it again or I’m not gonna buy it didn’t buy it in the first place I have a lot of hotel empties some of these are shower gels some of these are body lotions I talked.

About it in my hair empties as well I always collect the mini bottles that they put out at the hotels because I find that I can use the shampoos for washing my makeup brushes I can take them on weekend trips or put.

Them in my gym bag I just find them really handy for many different purposes and I always use them up so it’s definitely not a waste I have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve different products here and believe it or not they last me.

For a very long time the shower gels for example last me quite a few showers actually so it takes me a lot of money to this is a bit random but um last.

Year for my parents-in-law anniversary we.

Went to a spa getaway weekend the entire family and he could make different products there.

I made my own body scrub I’ve lost the lid somewhere I think my stepdaughter used it for a school project or something.

But um I’ve made my own scrub with different essential oils and brown sugar and I really enjoyed it I think I have the recipe someone on my phone still so maybe I’ll make it again someday most of the time I’m just lazy I have one body scrub that I really really like from the drugstore and I think that I would just sooner buy that then make one of my own but it was really really nice I have a no brand pack of q-tips because.

You can use them for so many different things cleaning your ears I use them a lot when I do my makeup cleaning up smudges and mistakes and things like that so we.

Went through a whole bunch of these my husband and I it last year I have a Gillette Venus breeze shaver head I have changed these every few months or so I shaved my armpits have different strategies for.

Removing hair all over my body but I always shave my armpits and I usually do.

That every time I shower so I buy these abnormal which is a store here in Denmark everything’s cheaper there so I usually just stock up and I’m actually out so I need to get some more and then speaking of shaving I have this post depilatory wipe I think I used it on my upper lip when I Baxter my upper lip a while ago I don’t do that anymore but these are just like really oily and supposed to be soothing I’m not a big fan but I also don’t think you’re supposed to use them on your.

Face I think they’re supposed to be used on arms and legs and things like that I don’t know why this is in here but it is kind of body care I suppose I have this empty container of vitamins and these are chewable cranberry tablets I used to suffer from pretty chronic bladder infections and I take cranberry extract and cranberry pills as a preventative measure I don’t know if they’ll work or not but they taste pretty good and these were my favorites I think that’s why I’ve kept them because they taste tasted the best and there’s.

Extra biotin in here as well I have this this works sleep too many solutions for a better night’s sleep my husband got this for me it has the breathe in inspiration perfume that you’re supposed to put on your.

Pressure points and breathe in and it has a deep calm Phil OH spray a fusion of climbing oils to relax and calm including.

Lavender bitsy Barrett and chamomile avoid use during pregnancy it says though and it’s for adults only just so you know but I plan to repurchase.

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