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The whole bottle off the pillow spray because I really like the smell of this and I don’t think it puts me to sleep like that but it’s a nice ritual before going to bed and I begin to associate the smell with going to sleep and it was it was.

Really Pleasant so I’ll probably buy the full size I have a couple of tanning products I have this ten and protect tan intensifying Sun lotion from his win I’m not sure how to pronounce that but I got this at a sample when I was buying something else.

A long time ago I ended up wearing this every time I was out.

In the Sun tanning because it is an SPF but it intensifies your tan so I was wearing this on my face every time we went to the beach which believe me is not often here in Denmark which is why it took me so long to use.

This up but um it’s finally done and that’s a good thing.

Because I think I ran out of this right about the time when it was about to go bad you know SPFs have a fairly short shelf life but I really like this and then I.

Have my favorite SPF product which is the EBS Sun protecting refresh invisible only mist with 20% what is that 20 is that a factor I think factor 20 yeah.

Refreshment and silkies can feel the water resistant I really really like this because it’s just spray obviously it’s extremely easy to apply it says here.

And it’s true it’s very easy to also put on my back and just it’s very very easy to use is what I’m trying to say you don’t have to rub it in even though I do a little bit.

Like I smooth it out it works great for someone that likes.

Sun protection but that’s like lazy it’s wonderful and we’ve already we purchased another one I think so I highly recommend this I have the same Marez self-tanning mousse in medium I have the dark one right now.

This was the first one I bought and I was really really afraid that it’s gonna be too intense I haven’t used self tanners since hoardes in middle school where everyone was walking around like orange squatchy Oompa Loompas and I didn’t touch self tanners as I said ever since.

So I was really afraid but I tried this and it’s wonderful first of all it’s tinted that’s the word I was looking for tinted and you can see where you’re applying it which helps with an even application it has a very olive almost like a green undertone so it’s not orange at all it wears beautifully and it really does work and it looks very fairly natural so.

I really really enjoyed this I have the dark one right now as I said but I haven’t self-tan in a very.

Long time just talking about it makes you want to do it again but yeah these are really good they’re very cheap and very good for what they are I have quite a lot of hand lotion so I’m just gonna speed through this.

I have dry skin which includes dry hands in the autumn and winter time I have this.

Place earn most rising hand cream all.

Skin types this was fine I have this Perl and ping from lo Lieh ultra moisturizing hand therapy which I got from Alma I used it as a body lotion when I was traveling actually not as much as a hand lotion has a very powerful scent I know that’s why I almond didn’t like it because she’s a bit.

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