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More sensitive to strong sense but I am but I didn’t mind it I didn’t love it but I didn’t mind it yeah it was it was fine I wouldn’t buy it but uh I didn’t mind using it up I have this dove intense intensive nourishing hand cream I’ve cut it open as you can see I got it as a bonus when I was buying something else and I did not like this my.

Favorite drugstore brand or lotions is Garnier not media or dove I feel like dove doesn’t soak in it has a bit of an perfumey fake scent and it just left a film on my hands that I.

Would wash off the day after so I would I always put on my hand creams at night by the way before and go to sleep and this would just not soak in it would sort of dry and then when I was washing my hands in the morning I would wash it right off so.

It did not like this this on the other hand I really did like this is the body shop him hard-working hand protector it’s very intense the smell is very herbal but it works it really works and I would.

Definitely repurchase as my husband is using the almond one right now which she also really likes and.

I’m out of hand lotions at the moment so the body shop hand lotions aren’t by far my.

Favorite the shiaa butter one is one of my all-time favorites so in my opinion that’s where it’s at body shop for him lotions but I have.

This oh gosh I can’t even pronounce it but it’s a certified organic hand cream with wild Icelandic herbs it’s an Icelandic brand I got it from.

Alma when she was back home in Iceland I think she brought.

It back to me as a as a present and it was really good it really was good.

It was very lightweight but intense at the same time which is a very good formula so I could use it during the day not just.

At night soaks in really nicely moisturizes nicely and has a very pleasant again a very herbal scent and then I have.

This natural sabirah cup hand lotion I got it from Alba again again too strong of a scent for her but I didn’t mind yeah it looks fine it has more of a thinner formula but it’s still soaked in nicely and it has a nice size for putting in your purse so that’s good if you watched my body care video last year you know how dry my skin is and how many lotions I used up last year this year I’ve only used up three I am moisturizing less.

I mean I moisturize every day when I come out of the shower but I think I had overestimated how much lotion I actually need there’s only so much your skin can soak up so everything else would just sort of sit on top of my skin and I realized that I need a lot less than what I was applying so I only got through.

Three which is really good that’s the nice part about doing these videos is that you can.

See which direction you’re going in and you can kind of reflect and be better so as I said gardenia is my favorite drugstore brand for lotions and skincare and body care products.

So I have this intensive seven days very dry skin fast absorbing ultra replenishing lotion with shea butter I like shea butter as I mentioned before so this was really nice and then I have this hydraulic intensive 24 hour rich hydrating lotion for dry and dehydrated skin which I didn’t like so much you it was.

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