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Almost it was a cream but it had like a.

Gel component to it which I didn’t mind.

But I didn’t like I wouldn’t repurchase this particular one which is rare because I would normally repurchase every other garni body lotion this I didn’t like so much but it was still absolutely fine this I really liked this is the rituals the ritual of Dao be kind to your skin body cream ancient down philosophy focuses on balancing.

In and yang bringing peace and tranquility into your life Organic white lotus and Yi Ren I’m sorry if I’m not announcing that right eye smells so nice I really really liked it and it took me a really long time the tub is pretty big.

Took me a long time to use these up or this up currently I’m using a body shop body butter and I really like.

Body butters especially this time of year I would definitely buy this.

Again and this scent in particular I haven’t found anything else at rituals that I like quite as much you and broken nail you.

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