Empties July 2018 – Products I Have Used From Couponing

Hello everybody and guess what it is time to show you guys my empties video but I’m decided to change the name from empties to products I have used from couponing a lot of you guys prefer that you know just to know about my opinion on stuff I coupon for and everybody’s is more for like you know the professional.

Makeup people in my opinion so this is stuff that I coupon for and I’m giving you guys.

My honest review now I wanted to get more self I really I’m trying to push more stuff and like husband will you use this will you use this we have stuff in our.

Shower that he he he wants me to get all this stuff which is fine but then he never uses it and it just sits in our shower and I’m like gram if you want me to if you’re gonna hoard this other stuff you got to use this stuff first so I try to at least use a bottle of shampoo and conditioner a month I try to use a body wash a month and just some other things I’m really.

Trying to push other things but here is the stuff that I finally emptied in the month of July I’m hoping August is going to be a better month to show you guys more stuff but some of.

You guys wanted to see stuff that I do empties not of just personal care products but other things so I’m like you know what I will show you guys stuff that I got so as you guys see I have per so I’ve been using per sale.

Since I started couponing right when Ben was born so a little bit less than four years.

Ago and I saw this and I saw this was only available at Walmart at the time and it said it was like the best.

Laundry detergent ever well then at my work because I worked retail had this on sale and then there was a coupon right attached to it so I’m.

Like you know what I’m gonna get it it’s like literally like 50 cents a bottle so I got a bunch of them and I was like hooked this ended up being my ultimate favorite laundry detergent I have used.
Other stuff from time to time but Priscilla is pretty much by far my my.

Best my favorite one the husband really likes it I really like the smell there is the intense fresh and then there’s original fresh but I don’t care I love it as you guys watch these bottles have gotten smaller and smaller and smaller as you guys as you coupon throughout the years but I mean I don’t go through as much larger detergent like I do other things.

But I definitely wanted to share with you guys my opinion on Purcell this is by far my best I prefer the liquid my machine does just does better with the liquid laundry detergent than it does with the pods and the pods I give it to other people but I prefer this this is the husband and i’s favorite logitech charger so I’m trying to show you guys more household cleaning products that I use throughout the house now I started using this.

At CVS are $20 a bottle which i think is ridiculous I would never spend $20 a bottle for this stuff alone so I started using these I think I didn’t even show you guys a shampoo I think these took me I think I started using the rent when we got back from vacation so this was a good month and a half that I used and there was like maybe a week I started straightening my hair.

So I didn’t wash my hair every day but I think you went a long way with this and when I kind of felt to the end I just had them upside.

Down the whole time and they stayed I didn’t even have to like I don’t know but I actually really enjoyed the shampoo I got the color or sure I have another one I still got to use two but I’m trying to like rotate my shampoos and conditioners sorry my families in the background a few guys here though but I really actually like this I dyed my hair I got highlights in my hair and it’s supposed to.

You know to help with people who color the hair but I really liked it it made my hair really nice and for being the month of July when it’s super humid I know we’ve had a weird summer but I felt like the with my hair was a little bit less frizzy but I also started using other products too but I really.

This I mean I use a good amount of shampoo and conditioners I like medium long hair so I mean I use more than what you’re supposed to but I mean this took me almost two months and I think that.

Is crazy for this little tiny little bottle I mean.

5 ounces I don’t know how much a regular shampoo bottle is but I would definitely recommend this I will never spend 20 30 bucks for these I will get them either for free or like under 5 bucks for both of them but I really like this oh I’m excited to try the other ones wanted to share with you guys on that this is.

Irish Spring this is my husband’s body wash he’s been using this for ever forever and even expired this month I think I don’t know somebody’s having states on there that expired but Graham I really like this this by watch this is the signature one this is actually my favorite scent of a mall Walgreens.

That I know of don’t sell them anymore I know CVS still does so when I get a chance to get them I still do some Walgreens still might have them but the ones I shop at don’t but this is my favorite scent on.

For Graham and I want him to start using other Body Wash I want him to start rotating stuff but he likes to like hoard stuffing on my Graham you’ve been using this one literally this one for over a year over a year and he finally ruined it are you finally used it all up so I need to get him like.

Things so he can you know wash it but I use body wash pretty much every day unless I’m like getting late for work or something but definitely recommend Irish Spring it’s very simple easy and Graham approves of it so I want to share with you guys to this now this is a repeat thing you guys will see every single month sorry like the Google egg drips off when I throw it in the thing and then it gets all gross.

But this is a repeat thing this is how I get my hair the way it is I’ve been using this stuff for oh maybe let little less than ten years um I think right when.

Graham and I started dating is when I kinda started using it but also I do is my hair I get out of the.

Shower you know I have my hair in the towel I get my makeup on I didn’t get ready with me video like way back in March.

But all I do is you know let it soak up in the towel and then when I’m ready I just comb it comb my part and then I just take a big you know I shake it and then I just put that in my hair and I just scrunch it it’s pretty good it stays this way all day long I mean it is 9 o’clock at.

Night right now and I woke up at 5 o’clock so this has been in my hair since probably 5:30 this morning and it’s you know still going strong I’ll throw out the day I’ll just take my hair and get it wet and that kind of scrunch it up again and it looks brand new so this is what I like especially you know even if.

It’s raining you know your hair gets frizzy and everything I didn’t still have this in my hair again you.

Just get it wet and just kind of Pat it down and scrunch it up and it looks brand-new so that’s okay now this is.

Something the husband and I were super excited for we started using this dove shower foam after we started using it ended up not becoming a fan I don’t know if it was a scent it doesn’t smell like much yeah there’s not much to.

A scent for it now this was the shea butter with warm vanilla I did like the pump but I felt like I had a pump pump pump pump pump until I thought it was enough usually when.

I do like body wash I do like a quarter size or a 50-cent piece this I had no idea because it’s already foamed been.

Started taking you know when he takes baths and everything we started to end up using these and we put this on the shower door for him to play with so he could draw his name and draw shapes and stuff so we honestly did not like it as a body wash it.

Was good for kids to playing to the foam I will I probably won’t use this again I may or may not I might try and different smell to it but I.

Just felt like this was kind of and you know it’s like it’s really cool it has the pump but I don’t know I don’t know I’m just just saying now.

This is something I’ve been using for the last six months there was a deal at Walgreens way back in the day and I like.
Went to store to store to store to find this now.

These are the rock or roc daily resurfacing discs now what you do.

Is I just do this in the shower I get my hair wet I have the shampoo soaked in my hair and then I just scrub my face now there’s two different sizes of bump besides at a smooth side I just kind of scrape it it.

Kind of gets all like the dead skin off my face I feel like since I’ve been using this and moisturizing my face my.

Face feels a lot better and I’m just more more better in my face and everything so I only got one left until I can find another deal I you know definitely wanted to recommend that oh yeah and Graham uses it too I know it’s.
Kind of sad but he ends up using for what I use so what.

I do is we have like a little shelf on the top of our shower use it and then he.

Usually takes a shower after he wakes up because I wake up about 3 hours before they do he usually takes it it just kind of uses it because he thinks.

It works so whatever more power to you grams so guys can use.

It now this is stuff I have know before I really started coupon in I used to get all my body wash at Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret so I have a lot of that stuff and I’ve been trying to use it I’ve really been trying to use it because I like that stuff I don’t feel like you get very.

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