Empties July 2018 – Products I Have Used From Couponing

Much like you do with the body washes that we get at the drugstores but I ended up having this amber romance and like I’m just gonna use it because I ended up I didn’t like I wasn’t a big fan of the Dove but this is my ultimate favorite scent at Victoria’s Secret amber romance if they can make candles for this stuff hint hint Victoria’s Secret I would totally.

Buy these I have the body wash the bubble bath the lotion you name it I got it of amber romance and for a while there they discontinued my cult the scent.

At my store they still had it but they didn’t have it in the store but I’m like I’m gonna use.

It and it this only lasted mean depends on how much body wash you guys I use a lot of body wash I think this lasted me maybe a week and a.

Half not even this is one of their smaller ones so wanted to share with you guys with that now I found one of these and I somehow mix these up but this is my favorite mascara that I use this is the Maybelline colossal Big Shot volume Express.

I really like these this is something I don’t like getting rid of I like to keep it for myself and now with all the limits and everything I really like Steve keeping it for myself but this is what I’ve been using and probably since these came out like six.

Or something months ago maybe even.

Longer than that but I’ve been usually using these for the last six months I really enjoy it the mascaras fine you know you can tell when it’s starting to get looks I have to do it repeat and repeat repeat but this stuff lasts all day and I suck at taking my makeup.

Off at night I used to do it I got started doing it I just gotta bring some more makeup wipes upstairs but this can last on.

My eyes until I wake up the next morning so I wanted to share with you better than that and then the last and final item that I have is this L’Oreal Paris Revitalift serie and moisturizer plus serum and hydrant I’ve been using this for months you guys I got this from I think I got it from Crowdtap or I got it from Buzz agent or smiley.

360 which I will be giving you I will be showing you guys videos for that stuff just trust me I’m working on it I just I’m crazy busy but I now have free time once a week so I can start working on videos to share with.

You guys but I ended up getting this free to try for my honest opinion and I started using it and then I’m like okay I don’t.

Know if I like this or not so I kind of just stopped using it I did my review and then I stopped using it and then when I started doing more moisturizers you know to keep up with my face I’m like I actually really like this this is something I actually want to get I think they charge like 20 bucks for this at like Walmart I think but this is.

Something I will probably buy I will end up buying if I can get a good deal for it but this I think I use straight up for 3 or 4 months you just need a tiny just a tiny little dab I just squeeze it once and it’s just a very little dab and it goes all over my face and.

So I highly recommend this I felt like it left my skin perfect because I use the rock in the morning in the shower then I use this and then I also had some eye cream that I started using and then I have some other kind of stuff that.

I use at night but this is something if you guys you know you want to make your face feel a little bit better and I.

Mean I can feel that my face is moisturize all day long then what it used to be like my.

Face used to be kind of dry but definitely recommend this if you guys really want to try moisturizer like I’m still gonna try some other stuff first like I.

Got a lot of stuff from couponing but this is something that I actually really want to buy more of when I get an opportunity so I wanted to share with you guys about that and that’s it that.

Is my bathroom that is everything I wanted to share with you guys that I got for these videos please let me know I want to show you guys more around the household stuff that I used but yes I hope you guys enjoy these.

Kind of videos give this video a thumbs up and I will see you guys all later thanks for watching bye bye.

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