Empties August 2018 – Products I Have Used From Couponing

Hello hello hello everybody it is the end of the month and you guys know what that means I am sharing you guys shared with you guys products that I have used this month now I used to call this life my empties video but a lot of you guys you know I’m not one of those professional beauty gurus and.

A lot of these are just stuff that I’ve gotten from couponing and I’m giving you guys my honest opinion some of these are.

Stuff that I use constantly and some of these are stuff that I’ve never used before so what I do is I just go through my I save all my basket of garbage and let’s share with you guys everything that I used for the month so it is the end of August so.

I’m showing you guys everything I use in August which I actually had more stuff that I wanted to use but there’s still just a little bit left which is awesome because I hope I’m hoping I got more stuff this month than I’ve ever had to share.

With you guys and I’m hoping next month is even more I’m really trying to get you know trying to learn new or try to use more products and try to share with you guys everything that I.

Got so the last the firm that I’ve been using the most out of everything is this rock or Aros I think it’s rock um daily resurfacing discs now I finally used them all.

I have no more left but these are 28 self-forming dual.

Textured pads one was like a little rough and one was smooth I use these um it sounded.

Like washed you know wash your face and then use it and then rinse your face off but I kind of use them in the shower I felt it was easier I would just scrub it let it sit for a little bit and then I just kind of just go underneath the shower and just rinse it right off I felt it was less easier let’s make it a mess and all that jazz but I use these for.

To say four or five months and I.

Thought they worked out great I felt like my skin was a little bit smoother I did break.

Out a little bit I don’t break out very often I.

Don’t take my makeup off at night which I need to start getting back to doing that just because but I felt like.

Helped on my face being not as bumpy like sometimes I get bumps like around my chin area so I thought you know I’m I like it would I pay full price for this no but if I had coupons for it I probably would get it again.

I think my cats by my foot um but definitely this is something I would continue getting again now I know like Walgreens and stuff I think they sell this for like 13 or 11 or 13 bucks at Walgreens if you go to Walmart it’s like $8.99 for this thing so and sometimes we do get some coupons from time to time one thing that I use every single day this is my ultimate favorite smell is this Victoria’s Secret amber romance now back when I first started doing.

YouTube I made a Victoria Secret video on how to get free gift cards now they stopped doing.

This the last not last trip of the year before I think was the last year they did it well what they had this deal were is if you guys mailed them a letter they would send you a mystery one of those mystery worrywart cards that usually get around Christmas time.

Er Thanksgiving and they ranged from $10 to $500 and so I made a video about this that was like one of my best videos I ever made just explaining the details and I think.

I sent one I sent like 20 of them in and they were all 10 bucks I think I had one that was like a $50 one which the thing is with those you cannot combine them you had to do separate transactions so I wanted to buy like bras and.

Stuff with that but I couldn’t combined it so I’m like okay what can I get and they ended up stopped selling.

These in my store the amber romance says I’m like what I really wanted to get more but they stopped selling this scent I had to drive somewhere further away to get it otherwise you could order it from the store online for free so.

I kept having them order two of these because these were 2 for 10 at the time so I had I had a lot of those current so I still have tons of these bottles left but it’s my favorite spray it might not be as strong but it was still good so I wish they would do that deal again but I think too many people took full advantage of it and that’s why they stopped doing it because nobody was buying anything in the store they were.

Just doing what I was doing so getting that stuff for free but it was still nice because I got you know a bunch of stuff um as you guys watched I did a bath & Bodyworks haul I’ve been really loving bath & Bodyworks lately I go there I go there every single month they send me a every single month but I I don’t I just want to start using more of their product Jeff is getting really me really hooked on candles lately.

Which is good because it’s candle season for me but as you guys saw my was it my Christmas haul like my was at the end of the year sale I can’t even think what it’s called semi-annual sale I.

Ended up getting this mint body wash now I really like the.

Body spray at the time and I’m like you know what I’m gonna get the body wash now I really like the smell but you can get kind of sick.

Of it after a while so I’m just like I’m just gonna use it you know I’m gonna use it and the thing is this stuff the way I use body wash because it grows.

On trees at my house I don’t use just a delt a little thing I use like a dollop so I mean this thing lasts.

Month or maybe like 20 days so definitely one if I could get this again I would but I think I’m only gonna get this stuff during their semi-annual sale what it’s really cheap I’m still gonna wait and see what they have for winter stuff for fall stuff but I would buy this.

If I get it for like for free or something like that you guys want to know what kind of toothbrush I’m using I am using the Colgate floss tip bristles 362 lavance I like it it’s kind of weird cuz there’s plasters like the rubber inside the bristles.

So like whatever so that’s the toothbrush I’ve been using and so you guys can see I’ve been really obsessed with Bath and Body Works lately and I’ve been trying to like burn a lot of candles I.

Have so many candles that I want to burn like I got a whole pile of candles like right next to my desk but this is one it’s kind of gross but this is one I’ve.
Had since last summer I bought.

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