Empties August 2018 – Products I Have Used From Couponing

This last summer and it’s got a strong smell to it I don’t even know if they even made anything similar to this this year but I could.

Only like light it up for so long and then I had.

To burn it up because it was really strong it was a really strong smell to it but this was spiked cherry lumps lime stucco it was a pop tails I mean it smelled pretty good as I smell is like I smell the key in on that I smell like you know the bird yes because it did get burned a little bit it’s a but would.

I buy this again probably not I know all the day and.

Do exchange candles if you guys got something you don’t like and they’ll do they will exchange it for you guys but yeah the spiked cherry lime cycle I am NOT a big fan of it it was.

It was good but it just something about my allergies or something just got to me so I will not get that again but I do I think.

I have another one like this or I have a similar one I’m not sure the one that I’ve been lighting pretty much all month long is the root beer float you guys I am a huge huge fan of root beer root beer I love root beer I love root beer floats up until recently I never had a root beer float when I was a little kid I did and then all of a sudden I’m.

Just like no root beer and ice cream no and then I had it again I’m like you know what I forgot how much this tastes like.

But I loved it um lighting it it made it smell like root beer it made it.

Smell like root beer I really liked it I ended up buying two of these so I still have another one to.

Burn but if I could find more of these I totally would but this was one of my favorite favorite above candles to buy I didn’t even know they had this until I was at the store one day and I’m just.

Like I loved it this was just rubber vanilla ice cream and a dollop of whipped.

Cream but again one of this is my one of.

My favorite candles I’ve ever bought so yes I ended up finally using up all this Vaseline lotion sometimes I just don’t like having like all that special kind of lotion I just want something simple my ring fingers a little bit kind of fat so I always had to.

Put lotion sometimes on my finger expression in the summer time cuz your your skin swells up.

A little bit because of the heat humidity so I always used this um I was used to rub lotion on my back around my husband’s back and stuff so finally got rid of this but I am a huge fan of Vaseline I’ve used Vaseline for years so finally it’s super excited to get rid of one of.

Know or lay but Olay bar soap is one of my favorite bar soaps that I’ve used I used to get the Bath and Body Works back in the day and actually I have some of their bars of soap so I should probably throw those away but the ones that I get is the Olay and I get the strawberry mint I love that smell I love it in.

Body wash they also have it in the bars of soap very rare I ever get coupons for it I know Walgreens had one many months ago and that’s one thing I will not donate I will not get rid of because I absolutely love this bar soap so this is what it comes and looks like because I get.

It as like a six pack but it’s.

A strawberry mint finished off another one of Ben’s toothpaste so you know he’s still into this kind of toothpaste he doesn’t like regular toothpaste self there’s a hole in here somewhere.

Um so I’m like whatever if he’s gonna continue doing that Listerine now I thought I liked Listerine mouthwash I thought I was gonna taste.

A lot like scope no this was the Listerine cool mint oh my god you guys I had to like take it in my mouth I couldn’t.

Put it in a certain spot of my mouth because of my taste buds I was if I.

Just buy bliss once I spit it out I had to like wash my mouth off with water I ended like suck up water because it was so strong I just like I thought this.

Was gonna be close to scope but I don’t know what’s in it if it’s just something but it was just like oh my god might try something different of Listerine but I will never try this little bottle again I know they have the bigger flavors but this was just like beyond my control bar our dish our hand soap dial this.

Is our favorite the hand soap that we use I don’t even know what smell this was I think this was the white one with like the diamond there pearls on.

It or something I cannot remember but husband loves his hand soap it’s just your pump in it it’s foamy it’s super easy I like the foamy stuff a lot easier than I do like the creamy stuff it just depends.

On what soap it is but we have tons of these this is something I will not get right now but I keep this like in my stockpile we always give this right next to our kitchen sink.

Then I got some other goodies to share with you guys this little thing before I pack it up so the speaking of Victoria’s.

Secret these are also our 2 for 5 so I ended up using this up and again I have tons of these that’s more of a body spray this is actually like a perfume you don’t get as much in here but you know what I like it it’s my favorite favorite smell this is pretty much all that I wear so I wanted.

To share with you guys on that so my old eyeliner that I was wearing was Revlon the stuff that I’m wearing right now is Rimmel I’ve been using Rimmel for years and every time you know I put my makeup on which is fine and then like I when I’m about.

Always feel like I have to reapply my eyeliner because it’s just Li the rubs off or something and I’m just like I don’t know I’ve.

Always wanted to find a better eyeliner so I will only use this stuff just because I get it for a coupon II but.

It’s like I really want to find a really good eyeliner well if you guys watched my.

Ulta haul which I’m gonna go to Ulta.

Home Ulta later today I ended up getting the uLTA Beauty I ended up getting a little gift bag full of goodies which I love I’ve been using that stuff like crazy I did use some of the eyebrow pencil stuff but I ended up getting this eyeliner and what I really.

Liked about this is it stayed on my eyes all day it did make my it did make a longer black line but it stayed on my eyes all day I don’t.

Know how much this cost I am going to Ulta today to find more of it because I really liked it I mean if you guys can kind of see it if it’s gonna.

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