Empties August 2018 – Products I Have Used From Couponing

Loved it stayed on my eyes I didn’t even have to like reapply it stayed on my eyes all day it does wipe away pretty easy so at night I just wiped my eyes off and.

It come off take a shower wipe my eyes off while I’m in the shower and that’s pretty much off and then I just like wipe it one more time but it’s pretty easy to get off it isn’t it but.

Stay on I feel like the stays on no matter if I cry or not I even cry I don’t think I’ve cried wearing this I don’t remember I’ve got teary eyed yes I’ve got teary eyed but I feel like this stuff is a lot stronger than that so I might even just you know pay a little bit more because I love eyeliner and.

I also put it on my upper lid sometimes too and it’s still made my eyes pop so this is something I’m gonna try to find a bigger version of it and definitely get it but.

Yes so that is my haul I know you guys are just like finally you’re all done but I want to just give you guys my opinion on certain products in case you guys are kind of iffy on certain things but that’s the point of these videos is just to.

Share with you guys what I get I hope you guys enjoy these kind.

Of videos I’m still trying to share with you guys.

On more stuff I still want to show you guys like laundry detergent and all that stuff so I’m using as much product as I can to give you guys my honest honest opinion so you guys will definitely have to stay tuned for more of stuff a product that I get for couponing if you guys enjoyed this video.

Please give this video a thumbs up hit the subscribe button so I can share with you guys what I get more or what I get and then my coupon in and all that fun stuff but yes I will see you guys all later thanks for watching bye bye.

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