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People killin people time cryin can you practice what you preach would you turn the other cheek father father father help us some guidance right now people have me questioning hi guys milk shock rapport and welcome back to my channel today in this video I am going to review for you some pupae and hair care products so I ordered.
Some stuff from the sale that is going on on knifehog.
com and I thought let me just try it in front of you and let you know whether it is worth ordering or not.

So without wasting time let’s see chaos on eclairs are as a mine so the first thing that we are going to review is this blue heaven primer since a very long time I wanted to try out a tripod but you ki man effectively trying here you know I never wanted to spend a lot of money on it I was checking some faces and your real friend ones.

Which were really highly prized but this one is priced at just rupees 300 now a primer is supposed to just help you set your face and you know just cover all your pores.

And help you to have a normal a stick makeup now this is supposed to have a very silicon is finished when you see this is what comes out of primer and you are supposed to just take this and apply it on your face before doing any makeup oh my god oh my god this is so smooth it’s a big Mexican so small so.

Obviously I’ve drank this before and I immediately fell in love this primer this is softwood abilities of a good quality.

I mean I have tried other companies and this matches them so you need very little quantity of this product and it is actually a very nice product so I give this a 5 out of 5 and you must order this now the next thing that I have ordered this Maybelline fit me concealer try to.

This output using the age rewind concealer but this time I want you to try out something new so we have this Maybelline fit me concealer and this one is priced at 475 rupees so let’s see how I really like this.

Concealer I mean it is very creamy and it does not take at all and you just need to apply a really little bit of Mountain.

Goes a long way so I feel that this does not give me full coverage but still it gives me decent coverage I fix my under eyes and very bright.

So this is priced at you it’s for 75 rupees and I think I will break this around three and.
A half out of five now the next thing that.

We’re reviewing is also from Maybelline this is there between matte plus for less compact powder I am using the shade classic ivory and this.

Is how it so it is supposed to take the sponge and apply this compact all over your face it’s the best part about this is that it does not leave any white cast or yellowish finish on my face and also it is not.

Making my skin look dry at all that is what I look forward by by the compact because you don’t want to look like a try cake in front of people right so I think I will give this around a.

4 out of 5 but I feel I have used better options in.

Terms of white balance now the next thing that.

We are going to review is this Gagnier ultra brands nourishing shine shine now I was looking to change my shampoos it’s a very long time and I got my eyes on this beautiful.

An attractive bottle of time here I prepared let’s now ganya.

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