Maybelline Fit Me Compact Powder, Concealer , Dove Shampoo- Makeup Reviews | Minsha Kapoor

Has launched a huge range of shampoos by the rainy like this one because I needed something to give extra shine to my hair Wow this completely smells of blueberries and when.

I use it for the first time I felt that my hair was really smooth and shiny for at least two to three days after the wash and this one is priced at least 250 and the best it was.

That I even called a free hairbrush so I drink this shampoo or 0.

My Spanish next here your product which I want.

To do is this stuff here every tried shaft I.

Was meaning to try attraction to sensor very long time and double is a big new branch.

10% off also and this now a dry shampoo is to be use you know when you are on your third or.

Fourth day hair and you are too lazy to wash them but you got some volume and remove that coat and oiliness from your hair so.

Let’s try it out you’re supposed to lift the bus of her hair and just just drop it off – smells amazing or not it’s daddy now the only problem with this one is that first of all you don’t get it yeah I got this from your bike and secondly that it leaves a little white cast.

On your hair so you supposed to wash your hair the next day otherwise your scalp will feel a little pinky and dry otherwise I’ve been you know rate this product around 3.5 out of 5 I feel they’re better options available in the market and I need to try them for you guys now committable last product that I’m.

Going to try it is this Cara nail-polish remover wipes.

Now these are interests with olive oil and.

Vitamin E and the best part is that these are acetone free I have been using.

These near pipes it’s a very long time and to buy all your ten fingernails you hardly just need two whites so you’re just.

Supposed to take this and place it on your nail let it sit for around just 10 seconds and it does not leave your skin dry at all because it has olive oil in it I.

Really love this and I’ve also tried using it with theater date paints which are very difficult to remove but this works just perfectly fine I will be making this product a 5 out of 5 this is a must-have and after using this I will never go back to the normal acetone nail remover so.

Guys these were all the products which I wanted to review for you guys so that.

Is helpful when you are going out for Shelby’s and let me know how you like the video and if there are any more products that you want.

Me to review for you I will just would love to do it and I hope you like the video do give it a thumbs up and also subscribe to my.

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