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Hi guys so it’s 8 o’clock in the morning I just dropped off Evan to school and today no workout because I wanted to take a little break from because I worked out three days this week so I’m gonna take a rest rest for a day today and today so today when I drop off Evan I just up normally.

I always wear pajama no wear pajama I always wear like exercise clothes Jemma what gym workout clothes.
Any just like random stuff I hardly dress up to drop off Evan.

But since I start making videos so I thought about just dressed up today I wanna.

Just kind of show you guys my outfit of the day kind of things so hopefully.

This uh this camera will cover everything so just very quick I bought this top the lace top from papaya and this shorts I really really love because lately I like to wear shorts at home as well because it’s hot and I didn’t want to turn the AC on so this lace top is all.

See-through at the back so I just put a little.

Place outside and I like how my earrings matches the lace.

Here my lipstick also matches I haven’t even washed.

My face yet this morning I put on lipstick.

So this is my outfit I really like the shorts that make my legs look really really long and looks very.

Like sexy kind of style I guess so hopefully you guys like what I showed and now we talk to.

You later okay so it’s a lunch break it’s 1 p. now I had a long busy morning work and I’m taking a break listening to some classic piano music in the background and I feel a little bit headache I just recently when work is busy and it’s very complex and it’s very fast-paced.

Kind of jobs sometimes it gets very frustrated and easily because a lot of times we do a lot of multitasking so you will just kind of.

Focus you know on the screen for like certain hours for God to you know forgot to blink your eyes and and then now I have this huge headache so so I’m.

Going to eat my delicious at lunch I made I made the curry chicken and pork whisk packed cabbage I usually cook them and freeze them in the.

Fridge and then I warm up some Chinese no Chinese just some kind of rice here you can get this kind of package from my Costco that’s where I got them it’s pretty healthy with chia and Kyle Kyle and also so I just kind of warm up the rice I D freeze.

The unfreeze the the dishes and then just mix it together yeah very very delicious sometimes when I cook it’s a little bit salty so I definitely have to eat with rice because it’s a.

Little bit salty today I firmly be cold um at home so I’m putting a a pass rope on it and I really like this bathroom so I thought maybe I’ll just.

Share with you guys so this bathrobe I just bought maybe two three months ago so basically I like how it’s very princess look the brand is by Beth I think it’s a pasty Johnson brand and it’s very sure so it’s like anything around here it’s a short one yeah it’s.

Short one and I like how its wide and it’s very cute and look at the back says the bride and so my husband saw this yesterday he’s like oh I never see you wear this where did.

You get this he really thought I got this when I was when I got married or something but I said no no no I got this um recently so it’s cute that he noticed something like this yep tomorrow is my off day I plan to go pick up the new iPhone with my husband he getting a new iPhone I’m not really into those kind of.

High tech stuff so I already I still have my iPhone 10 it’s working fine so I’m not upgrading to a newest iPhone and it’s I heard it’s pretty expensive so I am NOT.

Going to waste the money on that and tomorrow I wanted to go shopping just get out a house a little bit because I’m always at home and if you guys want to see a vlog.

When I go out maybe just you know let me know I need to get better where’s flogging outside house so you guys can see what I do outside the house since like that so yeah and if you don’t if I don’t block tomorrow that means I just want.

To have a day off to myself so I definitely not gonna vlog every day like weekends and things like that just because I do need to take time to relax and not have to worry about oh an interlock making you know videos and things like that because it can be very demanding all my myself so so I’m gonna give up quick ending last part of the vlog for today I am going out tonight to go celebrate the weekend with my family we’re gonna go somewhere to eat and shop so it’s gonna be fun and I.

Want to show you guys a few empties that so I can throw them away after this video let’s see so I used up.

Eye mask if you guys know what I’m talking about those are the Japanese I mask it looked like this so you wear it when you’re resting like this my eyes get tired very very quickly after all they are working on the.

Monitors so I just wear them when I sleep the smell is amazing this lavender smell very soothing it definitely relaxed my eyes so I use this a couple of times then I sort of away until the smell goes.

Away so because it helps block the lights when you sleep or since like that so I really like that and then I tried the face mask.

I have so many different type of face masks this is the one one of the sheet masks come from Japan not Japan Korea and I believe that you can buy this from Sephora website they carry a little pricey but very hydrating I love it so much I highly recommend it to you guys and I I creamed I used up this was my first time trying the.

Sk2 eye cream love the stuff RND RND RND RNA power eye cream see I enjoyed it a.

Lot I plan to purchase more sk2 products from Japan when I travel there because I wanted to see how much cheaper is there so.

I’m excited about that and us is the louder Michael essence toner I finally finished it two days ago it’s all gone I love this toner if Costco carry this again I will purchase this because it’s better price on on.

The Costco website and this is the to the flowers for my teeth I use it from this brand I finally used up a moisture ice cream I use forever when he was a baby till.

Now it’s a huge jar as you can see it’s a little bit left but I had a purchase more so I want to open up the new jars for him when he hasn’t looked those red little bumps on his face when he was a baby like when.

He was one year old one out I didn’t know what it is so I asked my friend she had a to.

Kid she has two kids so she told me use this brand it’s very good for sensitive skin it get rid of those little bumps around and fat and run a face mouth it was a save.

Life saver from for Evans so I highly recommend it you can use this for yourself as well if you if you don’t have kids because it’s very.

Versatile okay for acne you guys know that I saw suffer from acne this year once I.

Finally reach out to this brand of acne appeals you take twice a day morning and night I finally my face has known this I can free so I’m.

So happy that you know it’s working for me so this is not.

My first time trying this brand brand when I was maybe 20 some year old when I had acne I tried this so definitely it’s it’s it’s a lifesaver as well I have.

Like two three boxes stop stop because I love them I swear by this eye I don’t wanna run into acne problems again in.

Will be taking that for sure and last thing in this video I wanna show you guys my all-time favorite cutting pad is another Japanese brand so the beauty of this compared is very thing you can use this to apply the toner on top of the cotton pad and apply of as a sheet mask that’s what I.

Did is saving your product so usually what I do is I put a product on my palm off the toner and then I I will use the and slice it because it one piece has five slices so I slice them up and then I swap the toner until they are absorbed and I sliced them put them onto my face so five pieces I do.

Pieces here on my cheeks one piece here one piece here so okay so I recommend this I have bought so many.

Boxes of this I ran out again so another product I’m going to die from Japan probably so I’m very very excited to go into Japan because I need to do my homework now I have two months to do my homework.

So I can miss all the products I wanted to buy from Japan and hopefully I get find a good price as well so I hope you enjoyed this video thank you for commented on my.

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