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Hi guys welcome back to my channel and welcome here if you’re new my name is Vanessa I’ll be posting new videos every week don’t forget to like this video if you liked it so that I know and subscribe for more videos like this today’s video is another product empties I have so many products in here skincare supplements body.

Care makeup haircare tea deodorant everything so just please continue watching if you want to see what I have for empties and I’ll try to go through it as fast as I can but.

It might be a little bit big just cuz this is full so the first thing in here is this Vegas sport recovery accelerator it’s a protein powder type of thing let’s begin with a lot of different healthy like ginseng and cayenne and a bunch of healthy stuff in here for after your workout it does not taste good this is.
The apple berry flavor it’s not a good taste but it actually.

Does work I take it after my workouts or after a walk or something and it does help with recoveries you’re not as sore so would repurchase this but don’t expect a good taste because it’s definitely not I.

Don’t find any vegan stuff that I found is but it is healthier for you next is this body shop cocoa nut cream.

Creamy body scrub it smells really good it has little pieces of coconut I feel like in it to scrub everything off I wouldn’t repurchase this just because I.

Found a scrub that I liked better so I.

Wouldn’t repurchase that next is this new tree onyx foaming facial wash it’s different that’s for sure it’s supposed to be wash away impurities and soften your skin soften fine lines and stuff like that I haven’t noticed any difference fine line wise but I have noticed that it’s you need a lot of product but it actually does remove all your makeup but just because it’s foaming you need quite a few pumps to get.

Everything off but it does remove things pretty well but it’s just not my favorite cleanser the foaming this just can be a little bit drying for dry skin so I don’t think I’d.

Repurchase that next is biotin 7,500 micrograms I love biotin I’ve been taking it forever I’m trying to grow my hair out and it really does help but I wouldn’t get 7,500 I would just stick.

To 1,500 or 2,000 because I’ve taken the 1500 and 2000 and that.

Was never a problem for me but this one I just noticed a few more breakouts so I think that high of a dose is just too much for me personally next is this honest face and body lotion by the honest company I’ll link everything below because sometimes it doesn’t pick up especially if it’s white this was a really nice hand.

Cream it was natural high pledge hypoallergenic and ultra pure no scent or anything and it absorbs really quickly into the skin so I really did like this and I want to try more from this brand because I really did enjoy using it no scent and it just sinks in really quickly so it’s nice.

Next is a Kenisha i’ll repurchase this and I’ve already repurchased this this is so good it’s good for respiratory infections but anytime I feel like I’m getting sick so like a sore throat or just kind of like a sick feeling I’ll take echinacea a couple times a day like usually twice a day just when I’m feeling like I’m coming down with something and it prevents me from getting sick so I feel like that.

Really works next is this espresso yourself black tea organic from David’s tea it’s a huge jar I really liked this.

Would like this with people people that like the taste of espresso.

If you like black coffee because.

It is quite strong tasting and that’s what it reminds me of is like expresso and black coffee and there’s actually expressive beans in it I did really enjoy it so I would repurchase that once I’ve gone through all the tea’s so it’ll be a while next is this macadamia natural oil deep.

Hair repair mask I’ve been using this for years and I actually learned about it on YouTube like five years ago I feel like and it’s still one of my favorite masks it’s so hydrating so nourishing to the hair your hair feels like so smooth after using it and it smells so good in the smell lingers in your hair too so I would repurchase this I’ve every purchased it a.

Lot and I love it Max is fish oil I would repurchase it fish oil has a lot of health benefits I’m.

Using it more so for skin and hair and belly fat and I take it every day and.

I’ve really been enjoying it I also give fish oil to my dogs and they really like it so would repurchase next is.

A couple makeup products this Rimmel metallic eye gloss um I got this a long time ago so I think it’s just time to declutter it I really liked it it was just kind of like a creamy gloss that you could put on your eye and it was a nice base so it I did enjoy it.

But I don’t know if I’d repurchase it just because I have a lot of.

Eye products and then this Revlon golden affair blush Merlot Merlot at midnight um it was a really good blush but I would not repurchase this color it’s just too dark for.

My skintone I’m too fair for this color so it probably looked nicer on someone with a Tanner skintone next is just a sample of the lush RnB leave-in moisturizer I really liked this and I would repurchase it it’s just a very thick hair moisturizer that you.

Tiniest like less than your pinky amount and I use it for when my hair’s up to smooth down the baby hairs and the fly waves because I’ve got lots of regrowth happening so lots of baby hairs and I find it works really well but you don’t want to use too much or it can make your hair greasy and it smells really good like jasmine so.

That next is the tattoo ink fost t i wouldn’t repurchase it now I’m gonna really like it next is this marine collagen from nature’s life with.

Vitamin C I would repurchase this I’ve been using marine collagen for several months and I find it does give an added plumpness to my skin and the research that I’ve done you need to take it with vitamin C or it can’t be absorbed in the body so I would repurchase that it is quite an affordable brand as.

Well the Venus Olay razors you’ve seen these in my empties before and I would repurchase they’re really nice razors.

A really clean smooth shade and it already has the.

Bar around it so you don’t have to buy a shaving cream which is nice the oil Henriksen.

Truth serum vitamin C serum this.

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