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Is just a collagen boosted with true vitamin C complex I’m not sure if I would repurchase this I find that my skin has a sensitivity to vitamin C because.

I use so many retinols I find if I use vitamin C and retinol it can be a bit much so I think that for now I’m not going to repurchase anybody Mincey products and just see if just the retinol is enough and then next is this that effect micro exfoliant I received this as a sample in my Ipsy bag and this is so good it’s so fine milled it has grape seeds soy pomegranate and willow bark and it really explains the skin really well it gives.

You a really nice soft clear complexion and it’s brightening and I feel like it’s one of these those exfoliants that exfoliate by their.

Very very tight tiny crystals but also by fruit acid because I.

Feel like it’s like a double.

Exfoliator and as soon as I take this off my skin my skin looks so bright and good so I would repurchase the full size I really liked it I wish it went by too fast the next is this aloe and.

Almonds all-natural roll-on deodorant I’ve been trying out different natural deodorants because the one that I love is kind of expensive but this one’s a lot more affordable but it don’t i wouldn’t repurchase it it smells like baby powder I don’t like the smell of.

Baby powder and it does work but you have to keep.

Reapplying it so I just am NOT a fan I wouldn’t don’t find it works for me the next is tiger balm I don’t think I would.

Repurchase this any more because it’s something that you put on it’s like a menthol kind of balm that you put on your neck or wherever sore that you had an injury and it helps with pain by tingling and pepperminty kind of but I found one by doTERRA that liked better so wouldn’t.

Repurchase this next is the Rocky Mountain day Co day cream and pomegranate and I would we purchase this and I already have I love the state cream it smells.

Really good and it sinks into the skin like within two to three minutes so it’s a perfect base for under makeup and I.

Would repurchase and a half and next is this dermelect micro facial exfoliating mask this I didn’t like it did do a really good job and it had really small crystals to exfoliate but it smelled kind of like paint so I wouldn’t repurchase this the last thing is one of these feet masks it’s like milk and bamboo vinegar peeling feet masks and I’ve tried this before but this is the my first time.

Trying this brand and I tried it and this one didn’t make my feet peel so I’m not sure if I did something wrong but I have a pet I got like a 10 pack of these or something.

So I’ll try more of them and see but for now it didn’t do anything for my feet which is weird because the other one that I’ve tried really peeled my feet a lot which was what I was looking for so that’s all the empties that I have please comment below what did you use up this month and what.

Do you did you love and what will you be repurchasing like this video if you liked it and subscribe for more videos before you leave thank you so much for watching and I hope you.

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