New Products From Wet N Wild: First Impressions!

Although allow the guys it’s me and up coming to you with another first impressions video I originally was supposed to film a halo eye tutorial however I don’t feel a hundred percent yet for those of you who follow me on Instagram I have been very sick for about almost a week and a half to two weeks and I.

To par yet to film a tutorial however that will be coming up very soon so I did.

Get some products from wet and wild in the mail yesterday I am very excited to open them up have not tried them or anything like that so I wanted to show you those products instead again this will be a first impression video.

Majority of the products are highlighting products they did release a few new products so I ordered those products so that I can show you so here we go okay so the first products that I want to show you.

Were actually products I was interested in and I wanted to get because I wanted to see the performance of them these are.

The mega glow illuminator spray I guess you can pull the body Luminizer and these just came out recently they come in three colors I got two of them this one is the gold rush which is gold obviously and this color is.

Hearts of rose gold which is a rose gold color the third color which I did not get is a bronze color and I’m since I’m not really crazy about bronze I.

Just decided to skip out on that one but again there are three colors I.

99 each so this is how the product looks and then Shelly now I know it looks kind.

Of watery on the top but you’re supposed to shake this product very well and even.

Home on the packaging don’t worry just shake well so I’m gonna go ahead and get that now when you buy these products they will actually give you a kabuki makeup brush free and this is for the application of the product and I saw a video on how they applied it it pretty much reminded me or Rihanna when she you know put the highlighting product on her shoulder so that’s essentially what you’re gonna do.

This is a body glow I’m not 100% sure if you can use it on your face maybe I’ll try and put it on my face and see what.

Happens but this is really for your body this is wherever you want to put a nice and they set ourselves a nice glow throughout the winter not the holidays or whatever so that we don’t look so pale like I do now I put on some foundation did my.
Brows I didn’t put concealer or.

Anything I just wanted to get these products on my body just so that I can show you so I’m gonna start out with this pink rose and I’m going to.

Shake well as they aren’t telling me to and I believe this has some type of okay this has like a pump as you can see and in the video what they pretty much did would they just put like a bit on the shoulder so I’m gonna put that on and see how it works never done this.

Before with any type of body glow of any brand so all right should I start here maybe I’ll start here since the shoulder is closer to the camera so you’re gonna put of course it’s gonna take a couple pumps to get the product out oh there it is I guess that’s it maybe I should put more I’m not sure then I put one more one more.

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