New Products From Wet N Wild: First Impressions!

Pump okay it’s kind of watery that it comes out and now I’m just gonna you can see it’s like kind of running down so I’m gonna kind of just so that you could see mmm Wow that definitely does have Cotto if you can.

See them okay so I blended it a little better actually looks pretty decent and it actually does I kind of feel like it definitely gave me sort of like like uh I mean this is rose gold.
So it gave me kind of this I don’t know like a brown Z type glow.

But obviously it’s not Brown this rose gold this product also does have a scent and it smells like rose water is exactly what it smells like which I’m not mad at that scent because I actually do like that scent it smells really nice it’s a nice rosewater scent and there you go.
It doesn’t have I mean it has the.

Glitter in it but it’s not in my opinion I don’t know something not overbearing I mean it does have some shimmery glitter aspect in.

Do like that I do see the difference I’m gonna go on the gold one and see how that looks on the other arm okay I’m gonna put some pumps here pumps to get to the threat of going whoo that is gold okay I’m gonna leave it with like three pumps is what.

I did let’s see how this one looks whoa holy crap hmm oh wow this one’s pretty um I think I have to put less yeah this one has a scent to it too I don’t know if it necessarily smells like.

Rose water um it smells like something similar all righty okay so maybe I need to put less I’m not sure again I’m just trying this out kind of sticky there is a tiny bit of transfer but then again I did just finish putting this on checking.

On the other one this is still a little sticky there is a little bit of transfer but.

Much I guess because it is drying so again this is the gold that you can see the finished product maybe I should put some on the decals I’m not sure maybe I should I must be like a little tiny bit I can’t really see what I’m doing here okay that’s the gold Oh Lord I’m scared on what I’m.

My god I look at the mess I did y’all yeah it definitely this definitely calls for less product and this is definitely trial and error this is the first time putting it on so obviously.
This is Charlie err I’m just gonna spread.

It all but yeah this is definitely in my neck I do have some redness going on guys.

I’m sorry I have been very sick this week so.

It’s glittery you can definitely see that it got some glitter aspect going on here there’s some on the back of my hand I’m.

Going to just swatch a teeny bit so that you can see this is the gold so this is really how the product looks I actually do like the product it has potential I think that this is trial and error especially for me okay so I actually.

Think that the product is kind of cool it’s kind of sticky I don’t know if that will go away over time I hope it goes away over time um you know I don’t want I wouldn’t want it to be transferring all over the place um however.

It does have some good potential I would not put this on my face due to its kind of oily consistency I would strictly keep this for the body again this has an oily consist it has like a greasy consistency so I’m not really sure how that would work I’m hoping that it dries overtime as of now it’s just really greasy and there is.

Definitely a transfer that comes out when you touch the area I’m.

Not sure if this is hitting a hit or miss again this is the first impression first time I’m opening and trying this out I do like it I do I do I do like the sparkle I do like the scent.

And I guess it has that moisturizing aspect because.

Greasy texture but I’m not a hundred percent sure if this is gonna dry or not so that is kind of worrisome because you don’t want to get it on your clothes and you definitely don’t want to transfer it on to other people you know if you.

Hug them or whatever but then again I did put three pumps so again trial and error may be necessary in this product you may need to experiment with how.

Many pumps is actually good so just the side product just wanted to show you because I’m not putting it on right.

These lashes as well these are the one while in the style glam pixie now I’m sure this is for the how the Halloween season but I didn’t get it for that I just got it because I just think they are so cute and funky and this is something that.

I would probably wear on a regular day so I just wanted to show you that and get it out of the way I’m.

The other two products that I receive are also highlighters and these are the mega glow highlighting bars and I receive one in the rose gold bar and then the.

Other one is but does this say winter bloom so this is the winter bloom and this is the rose gold and this is also not only for your face.

But it is for your body as well but for this occasion I’m going to put these on my face so that I can see how they look so ah this was easily open thank God so the first color that I’m going to be putting on side of the face is the rose gold so this is how the rose gold bar looks I’m just gonna just kind of hard the bar but there is definitely color there I’m.

Just gonna ooh so that’s the color very pretty so I’m gonna take this highlighting brush right here and I’m gonna see how it looks where’s my Mara.

Well I didn’t want to use this big mirror but it’s good enough so I’m going to go ahead and saturate my brush see how it goes.

Color pick off is definitely there and I’m just gonna go in and see how it looks woohoo that is definitely there yeah you can definitely see that I think this might be a little bit too dark for me as a highlighter I think that I would definitely use this as a top okay I don’t know when it cut off but my my.

Camera cut off so anyway I’m going to go put the other color on the other side of my face so let’s see how that looks it’s funny because it kind of has like a gold type thing they’re gold specks in.

Here which I actually did not notice until now that is pretty I can see that and they.

Are I don’t know if the camera can pick it up but this definitely has some gold specks in the bar so I’m definitely getting that on my skin this is really pretty I do like this one a lot more than this woman that would this one I’m definitely not use as a topper but this one I can definitely use as highlight.

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