New Products From Wet N Wild: First Impressions!

I like it very much oh yeah do you see that I like it that’s on.

Over here yeah I like this one this one is a pic this one is a win-win I like it yay so there you go this one not so much this one I like yeah okay and the last product that I received this is going kind of like a holiday collection thing this is the.

Wet and wild mini liquid cat suit Lipsett and this includes two.

Mini mats and two metallics so here’s the packaging right here if you’re interested I’m getting something small nice little holiday gift then you can definitely get this this is $9.99 on their website I am I yes I can I guess I could say that I do like the lip products I don’t have many of them I feel like some of them are hit and miss some of them appear.

Better than others and things like that I’m not a hundred percent familiar with their lip glosses I may have had one in the past but I really can’t say how it looks.

Or anything the catsuit the liquid catsuit which is right here this is the size of the product these aren’t minis so this is a great holiday gift I’m definitely great holiday stocking stuffer if you want to use that but again as I was.

Saying the cat suits I do have a few of them and like I said they are here to miss some of the products appear more pigmented than other is more opaque than others so I’m gonna try this color this is a matte color do I see a color here I don’t see a color here anyway.

I’m going to just put this color on right now just to see how it looks there you go alrighty so let’s see how it looks I like the applicator which is kind of like a slant doe foot applicator as you can see I like these types of applicators because they’re easy to maneuver and it allows you to try on the product more with ease okay.

This is cute you can see this is a very light neutral color I’m.

Sweating y’all I need to like take a nap like it’s over a week and I like you’re still not up to par hmm no sweat all right so here is the first lip color and I like it I think it actually looks pretty this is a very nice this is like a rosy nude color and I just I live.

For these because these are the perfect everyday look if you’re not gonna put on a bunch of makeup or whatever you don’t want to use a lot if you want to do a dramatic eye but keep the lip.

Natural this is definitely a way to go so I’m.

Gonna go on to the next color let me just take off this lip color and put on the next one okay so I’m going to try.

On this color now which is I’m gonna call it this is like a dark berry shade unfortunately I do not know the names of these colors I did not see them on the box they are not labeled on the packaging either it just says mats on the bottom so again this is the second matte color in the set so I’m just gonna try.

Pretty too it’s not I don’t really use these colors too much but it doesn’t it’s very nice formula is nice and smooth okay so this is the color it’s a nice berry shade I actually do enjoy this color so far the payoff I really enjoy the pale that’s good pale good color payoff.

It is not all paid it dried.

Very quickly and it doesn’t look patchy which is always a good thing usually when these lip colors and I’m not talking about wet and wild but you know those low-cost brands.

Which have liquid lipsticks in my.

Experience I’ve you know I have noticed that they have appeared you know patchy and blotchy and things like that very annoying but so.

Far it doesn’t feel that way and it feels very comfortable so I’m going to go into the next color of the set and these are the metallics so going to touch this metallic color right now so here is this color which it is kind of reminds me of a rose.

Gold type of color so let me take off this lip color and I will show that to you okay yeah my lips are starting to get red from all the rubbing that I’m.

Doing so I apologize that this color and the next doesn’t look that great this is the metallic color that I finished putting on honestly it doesn’t look bad however I am not really crazy about the metallic formula um I feel like it’s not and this is my personal opinion I feel like the metallic is not metallic enough if that makes sense it’s just very um subtle and I was kind of.

Looking for something that was a little more out there metallic as far as metallic formula goes it took me a couple of coats of this liquid lipstick to get.

Color that I wanted and I pretty much would have wanted even more color than this it kind of is on the thin side when you’re applying it it’s not opaque enough so you have to.

Layer up this formula I remember a while back when the Gothel graphic collection came out and I did get that collection and I did review it I also remember that I was not crazy about the metallic shades of the liquid lipstick as well it was just it’s very thin it’s very watery it’s not opaque enough for.

Me some people might like a subtle metallic color if that’s for you then I would recommend the metallic I’m.

Freaking motorcycles again I would recommend those colors for you if you want something that’s subtle and not very opaque but if you’re like me and you want drama.

You want a really strong opaque metallic color then I wouldn’t really recommend the metallic colors for you I would rather.

Stick with the math formulations but there is one more color here that I’m going to.

Put on for the sake of this review and this looks kind of like a purpley lilac color which looks really pretty in the bottle but we’ll see how it looks when I put it on my lips so I’m just gonna put that on and I will be right back here’s a close.

Up of my busted looking lips guys I just wanted to show you the formulation as you can see this is the metallic purpley color that I’m putting on and it kind of just it’s just very sheer as you can see you can still see the color.

Of my natural lip underneath see what I mean it’s just very watery very thin the formula and I feel like you just have to like layer it up to get some color up.

In there so I just wanted to show you up close how it looks I mean the side of the fact that my.

My lips off so much but yeah okay so here is the finished product of the lippy that I put on the other metallic color it’s not a bad I like it’s pretty color and I just have a problem with the fact that I have to play three times.

So that I can get it to this you know this opaque color this pigmented.

Color again that’s really the only issue I have I do like the colors and these actually do make pretty holiday colors however the formula I think that.

Is kind of human I think that it needs a little more improvement you know my like.

That’s okay so this is my first impressions review of the products.

That came out recently from Wow and just an update I am slim on my body again when I put the glitter it is still.

Sticky there is still transfer coming off when I touch them so I just wanted to let you know that maybe I should have put a little less product I.

Think three pumps will be too much so I just wanted to let you know that before I hop off of this and hopefully next.

Time I will come with my halo eye.

Tutorial and hopefully I’ll feel better because I.

Am NOT a hundred percent but I did want to get this video out there to you guys so I’ll put the link below.

To the website on the products if you’re interested in obtaining any of these products I do enjoy the products the bottle loot the body luminize –is I do enjoy I don’t know.

It’s kind of I’m not a hundred percent sure how I feel about them I like the color I do enjoy the formula and all that however I don’t know how that would be when you go out again I’m worried about transfer and worried about this greasy feeling although it would be I guess moisturizing if you could think about it but I’m not sure if I want to feel oily all night long again it.

Might be trial and error I may have to put less you know depending on the person I’m not sure about transfer however there is transfer right now at this moment these scent is very nice it has a nice rosewater scent I like the highlighting the highlighting bars again you can use it.

Your face I do like this one more than the other one the other one is just very very bronzy this one is very pretty with some nice gold flecks in it if you’re looking for something in that department I feel that if you are a little dark tone if you are a little.

Darker in tone and then I am then.

This will definitely benefit you a lot better if you are lighter in tone like me then it’s probably gonna be better as a cheek topper as far as the liquid lipsticks I do enjoy it I think it’s a very nice.

Set very cute set very affordable set I am falling more towards the side of the matte formula than the metallic formula metallic formula I feel like it should probably get back in the workshop and maybe improve that formula a little more I would like to see a little bit more pigmentation I’d like to see it just a little more opaque you know on the.

First swipe just be like whoa nice color instead of me going oh gotta put like two three more other coats however the mattes formulas are not like that you put on nice swipe one.

Swipe and it’s a really nice amount of color and you can build it up as you go along so I will stick with the matte formula so that’s about it guys thank you for watching this first impressions video and if there’s something you want me to open up or review first impression whatever then let me know and I will see you guys very soon thank you for watching god bless yes.

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