Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Facial Toner

Elephant this is today I’m gonna be talking about the clears the supple preparation unscented to turn out this toner review is super highly requested I really really like the regular self-liberation toner so I wanted to try out the unscented vision as well and the packaging is super pretty on this one as well so I was definitely interested in.
Before anybody asks so and happy new contact lenses on today because.

Going to work very shortly and my here at bears weight which is why it looks a little bit messy but it’s just because it’s candy that’s my normal hair.

Texture so that’s why that’s there was I got a new shirt and it has like little hats on the elbows thank.

You for my always done properly which is super cute although it’s possible pajamas I’m wearing it like regular people clothing because it’s cute but I wanted to get this review up as soon as possible which is why I’m not recording in my usual clothing and outfits and stuff so the product description says presenting the unscented toner a lightweight moisturizing toner for all skin types specifically.

Oily and sensitive skin fragrance free and made with our essential oils and harsh ingredients its gel like consistency seeps into the skin to make the skin less dry more smooth and plump with consistent use feel free to add a little more of the toner in the areas that are dry like the original one this toner also has star studded ingredients list that is perfect for all skin types and features a soothing blend of plant based extract along with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic.

Acid and soothing f centella asiatica the unscented toner has beautiful packaging it has a clear bottle rather than the dark bottle and a.

Pretty lavender label it has the same screw and shake atop this only lets.

Out the small amount of the toner so I do need to shake it a couple of times to just get one application the toner itself is clear in color and is quite thin and texture it’s easy to spread.
Out and absorbs quickly although this china is technically unscented.

In the sense that there are.

No edit fragrances it certainly is still seen to dry the other ingredients to meet it smells quite strongly like plastic it’s not the worst seem to give it to me but it is unpleasant in comparison to the regular supple preparation toner this toner is slightly more lightweight and quicker to absorb this may be due to.

Formula though I’m not quite sure how big of a percentage the oils make up then the formula of the regular toner the young center toner still works really well for my skin though I have to use a couple of extra layers to get the same effect as the regular supple.

Privation toner supple preparation supple preparation there’s so many syllables in just less two words that my tongue just hates.

Doing it but anyway this toner has gorgeous packaging it is unscented and has no added fragrances for those people who are sensitive to those sorts of things and it hydrates my skin beautifully which is all.

I really want in a toner i am extremely lucky and i sense that my skin is not sensitive to fragrances or any extra like.

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