January 2018 Empties

Everyone I’m sorry for the horrible lighting I have I like on overheads just because it’s gonna be a quick video it’s just an empties video I’m filming today and it’s 5:30 so Suns going down so anyway I films my yearly empties at the end of October November around that time I don’t know if I posted me yet I.

Don’t believe I have um but this is my nice empty video cuz this is gonna be a second video I’ve ever done for empties last year I kept it all myself in a year I don’t want to do.

That because I’ve already fell a third of this bag and I do plan on slowly moving I supposed to move this year.

But I hope to next year so I don’t have to be carrying someone junk with me Santa Clara just recycling anyway so I’m just gonna dig through here randomly somebody’s on my project pants so I think I’m posting my project pan before this but if I don’t think peak to someone I project pan items that are in here either I.

Decided I don’t want to try to use them up because they don’t work for me or they actually are used up so oh you have the Body Works hand sanitizer I have I think four or five of these left I bought a whole bunch of these a long time ago when I used to shop at bath the body works all the time bath and body groups not cruelty free cuz they sell in mainland China so now I’m.
Using up what I have I think I like for left or.

Something so there’s a little tiny bit on the bottom with little beads but it can’t doesn’t really come out so.

Stuff as I’m showing you guys cuz it’s gonna go and go in the recycling bin so this is only like two.

Months worth of stuff I used up this 1/2 of velvet cream wash at the body wash I came in like a little set I did like it it’s very small though I use the I used like handmade soaps or I use like lush bath soaps and that’s the only thing I think.

I like bar soap more now I do have some other body washes left that aren’t probably afraid I’m trying to use.
But I have tested once our quality work I think haben is.

Cruelty free I’ve got a set and I believe a set of Walden tested on animals so I used up my baby primer total focus primary tiny um that one was okay I know this may be I know this may not be the popular thought but I like silicon primers more so than creamy primers that one feels more like a lotion for me I like.

A little bit of a like a silicone II feel I like the elf mineral primer that’s what called.

Thick six bucks is great this ID cluttered I’ve had this for so many years it’s been sitting in the bottom of my purse I don’t plan on museums not my favorite I don’t know if it smells weird because I can’t breathe I’ve been sick.

For like three weeks I’m missing for two weeks it doesn’t seem like it smells weird that’s why I found easily if you guys can anyway so I didn’t finish this but I.

Am going to declutter as tools I don’t want to give ten T months of this I think this is a trash item this is an old Revlon I clean out my purse so some of these things you’re more of my old purses so this was doing one of my old purposes it’s an old.

Of Revlon eyeliner which is bad so that’s trash I don’t think this is in my project pan which is an elf eyebrow pencil in the color taupe identity it’s a figure eyebrow.

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