Empties: July 2018

Hey guys okay I’m back with my July unity McD’s I have a decent sized bag of trash here so let’s get started and I have to say not everything in here is a fait but a lot of these are my hands-down absolute favorites so I think I’ll just get started with those first sol de janeiro bum bum cream.
This is just the little to ounce I got a pack of.

Three two ounces I’m down to one I also do have a full size it smells so good it is just the most warm.

Comforting beachy type scent love it love it okay the cashmere skin Tonee goal this is Kim from the Real Housewife something maybe Atlanta her skincare line it’s all a signature scent which is kind of beachy fresh sweet I think it’s a really good scent I love it her products I think her not I don’t want to say they’re expensive but they’re not super affordable but she runs sales very often so that’s how I get them I’ve since repurchase that as well and I have more of this these are like game changers.
The drunk elephant see firm add.

A serum which is vitamin C serum and the TLC Fram booze glycolic night serum this is a 15% L absorbing acid and this is a 12% hav H a blend I’m gonna try to hold off to the vib sale before I repurchase full sizes.

Of both first off the C firma i used to say that the ola Henriksen truth serum was my favorite truth vitamin C serum but I think this is my favorite but I’m using the ola Henriksen one.

Now and I do like it it’s not bad I’ll use it in between especially to kind of like get me between cells because it is more affordable.

Or less expensive rather this is high but it just this was the number one game-changer product for just my skin once my rosacea was under control it brightened it faded it made my skin just good this excuse me since I’ve been incorporating this.

Breakout far less especially on my chin I used to always get just consistent I guess.

Hormonal breakouts my pores in this area I feel like have I mean I guess you can’t shrink them but they’re just maybe less I don’t see them as bad they’re not as obvious I mean they look like they’ve shrunk whether they can’t or not I don’t know I’m sure.

Somebody will tell me but they look like it it’s definitely just made a big difference in my skin so I couldn’t say enough good things about those okay um the rest I can’t say we’ll just get to that but those were just like really good ones this is the C booth ginger sugar body scrub they have since gotten rid of the ginger scent hallelujah now.
It’s kind of a light rose which I love.

So much more I had been kind of putting this off to use because well I love the scrub I didn’t like the scent you know if you’ve been pregnant then you probably are with me on not wanting to smell ginger.

Anymore but the scrub itself is such a good scrub it’s not greasy but it leaves this kind of luxurious moisture.
To your skin you can find it.

At Ulta it is very very good the at the beach body wash from Bath & Body Works this is a really good beachy scent just very kind of.

Fresh not overly coconutty but um you know like a man could use this he wouldn’t feel like he was using pouring a drink call her his body or anything like that it’s a very good beachy scent I like it a lot I finished off the.

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