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Hey guys it’s with the Casa today’s video is all about some makeup products that didn’t work for me and I did read buying them and these products may have worked for you but these didn’t work for me at all and that’s why I’m making this video and so if you want to know about all the makeup products that.

Didn’t work for me then keep on watching so the first make the product which I’m going to talk about is this Maybelline the blushed nudes palette and this was my first palette and I bought last year.

And I had huge expectations from this as it reviews on it were pretty good and.

Also a lot of people were recommending it on YouTube so I just thought of giving it a try and this was my first palette so I was really excited and also on the side on any app it looks really bright.

And really you know the pink colors really pop up and they really look good so I just thought of this has to be the best so I got it the colors are not at all visible when you apply it apart from two or three colors I should show you apart from these two and these two nothing is.

That why people are recommending if you have a fair skin tone and these shades can show up on your skin but I’m not too sure and if you have a skin tone similar to mine or even dusky than mine then not at all these are not at all gonna show up on your eyelid.

So just do invest in this ready palette I hated it and now it’s just lying in my drawer doing.

Nothing so I just don’t use this palette and the second product which I want to talk about is this lack my 9 to 5 prime of Les powder foundation and this product didn’t work for me at all they don’t have a lot of shade options they just have four to five shade options and I chose the shade option which I thought that is gonna go.

With my skin tone but it didn’t go exactly and this looks very brownish on my skin and just I don’t like the feel of it I just don’t like my.

Face after applying it this is just a product it didn’t work for me and also doesn’t satisfy the claims that.

It is primer powder foundation it’s just a powder a heavy powder I can say but as it just doesn’t match with my skin tone so it’s just a base product for me the next product is this mica paint stick and the shade that I have is number 11 and this is hearts and kisses if I remember it correctly then this is the hearts and kisses one and I just really don’t like the formula I really don’t like it is creamy.

This comfortable on your lips but it has a kind of shine to it and also a transpose a lot I really did not like how it looks on my lips then how does it makes my face look like so I really don’t like this so I never go to this lipstick and it’s a complete waste for me and the next product.

Is also a lipstick which I bought recently so this is a random branded I have found.

On mica so this is inside trendy lipstick and the shade that I bought is shade number 52 crystal berry and I wanted to try this lipstick because I wanted to try some affordable lipsticks but this lipstick just looks so patchy and it the formula isn’t comfortable at all when you apply and the.

Way your lips look like is really not good and also it’s damp patch it gets transferred a lot so not a good texture of Amla I did not like this lipstick then the next product is this naica brain Master silicon sponge and I have already done a full video on this you can see that video I’m gonna link that some very.

Cure and the description box below so this is just a waste product because I really don’t get the idea of silicon sponges like you can pick the product you can put it on your face but.

You can not do after steps like after putting.

It on your face you need to dab it you needed to get blend with your face it just doesn’t happen with this sponge so I really did not like the idea of silicon.

Sponges and would not recommend you guys to buy a silicon sponges just stick to your normal Beauty blenders and they are going to work for you so yeah I showed you product again then the next product is this better wast a high definition mascara and this mascara I don’t know if this product is.

Damaged or dryer or something but this mascara just doesn’t work you can not apply it the wand.

Really shitty and I too did not like this mascara it doesn’t make my lashes look fuller longer or heavier or anything it’s just a complete face product the next product is this fair and lovely BB cream and I already have a video on different BB creams I’m going to link that video as well in the description box below or in the I button as well so this.

Is the fair and lovely BB cream this has foundation plus fairness cream in it of course very.

Lovely is like obsessed with this fairness word and they really want everybody to get fair so that’s why this obsession is really just makes me very.
Angry like why can’t L our own skin tone I’m not gonna go.

Into that but yeah this is the parent lovely BB cream instant Fair look makeup finish this is a shitty product don’t buy it at all this just makes your face look really white and I have our demo in that video which I trouble you so you can check that video out if you want.

To see that and the formula is very drying I have combination skin and this makes my face very dry and so if you have dry skin then this is not at all gonna work for you and also as I said if you have a shade similar.
To mine skin tone similar to mine this is not.

Gonna work for you and some shades deeper as well so this is the Miss Clairol Emma sticks for eyes in the shade Amreli 15 and I already mentioned in my last.

Video that I didn’t like this product but I just wanted to include this in this video because this is the makeup product I regret buying so this.
Comes under that so this just doesn’t show.

Up the pigmentation is really poor and it doesn’t even show up on your eyes and it doesn’t even look like you’ve applied a color it looks black I really don’t know why is that the pigmentation.

Is very poor don’t go for this product and the last product is this color itself lipstick and the shade did I have this 34 news wait so this is the shade and this shade is two nude for my liking I mean it doesn’t show up on my skin on my lips.

Actually and yeah it’s just not the perfect nude for me I did not like it and also it gets transferred a lot so I really did not like the formula the color or anything so this is just a.

Base product okay so these were all the products they did not work to me at all and I hope you guys liked this video and if you did then you know what to do you need to give the big thumbs up you need to comment on below and subscribe to my channel and also turn the bail button on so you will be notified whenever I will be uploading new videos and as usual.

My social media Instagram and snapchat is listed in the description box below below below so you can check that out and visit me there so yeah that’s about it for this video I’ll see you guys next time bye.

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