8 Productivity Hacks

So top eight productivity hacks one create more content than you consume so for every live training you watch or chapter you read or any of those things for everything that you consume create more content so if you watch a live video create two pieces of content about that video that you can use that information from if you read.

Your ten pages of personal development create at least you know at least two you want to at least double whatever you’ve taken in so if you’re reading two chapters you want to make four pieces of content so you.

Want to create more content than you’re consuming so that’s my tip number one also as a little kind of side note don’t follow people who are doing what you’re doing because it will totally squash your creativity it’ll take away from your from your ability to create awesome things that are just coming.

From you for inspiration so instead of following people who are doing what you’re doing follow people who aren’t doing what you’re doing and let the other people follow you right you.

Want people following you you don’t want to be the follower so follow more more more people outside of your company and outside even of your niche or niche or whatever the frig you.

Want to call it so number one create more content than you consume number two batch create content so I know Lindsey’s gonna come in at some point and do a training about time blocking but this is so crucial you will get so much more done hey Shan thon if you batch create content and I used to tell people this.

When I worked as as an office manager I used to say like do like activities together like you will get more.

Accomplished if you will if you batch things together so if you have a team then you want to create what you’re posting hey Kate you want to create what you’re gonna post to your team.

Like make up of that you know you’re training do all that together right what are you gonna do for this next week sit down on Sunday plan it what you’re gonna what you’re gonna put into that group um so coaching you know like thatch together what coaching you’re gonna be doing batch together the things that you’re gonna create so if you’re making like for me I make all my own graphics and.

Images and whatnot so I do all of that together so you want to bulk do things at the same time hey Lauren and then the same with responding to posts like if you’ve got people commenting on things group like when you’re gonna do that like I’m going to you can have it be like a weekly thing like I post every day but and I once.

I’m on it can be part of your flow to kind of catch up on what’s going on but if you really want to like respond to people in messenger and doing those types of activities then you can.
Batch that together so like every night at 7 p.

I am going to respond to people for.

20 minutes so that you’re getting you’ll get more done so batch batch creating content and batch your activities together.
New phone you can do more now yeah I got a new phone too so number.

Three um remove time and energy suckers so we all have them in our lives we have things that suck our time and our energy remove them get rid of them stop holding onto things that are holding you back.

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