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Hey guys it’s Kendra today I’m here to do empties for you if you guys don’t know what empties are it’s where I share with you all of the products that I’ve finished up completely I feel like this past year I’ve been actually not even this past year like the past since I was pregnant with a girl so almost.

Two years I’ve been on this.

Life just get rid of stuff that I don’t truly love and it’s been the best it makes me happier it gives me.

A sense of peace just knowing that the stuff around me it’s just things that I use things that.

I love and the stuff that I don’t need I get rid of I donate give it to people who actually would use it and it’s been it’s been awesome I also feel like the YouTube community has been changing a.

Lot lately and a lot of videos I’ve been noticing our Beauty youtubers who have sorted to downsize their makeup collection and it’s funny.

Because you know I started youtube back in 2011 when I was in college and I it was a secret back couldn’t tell.

Anybody that I did you do but when.

I started I did all beauty stuff like I was a beauty channel and then as life happened you know my channel kind of changed with.

My life so I started talking about more health focused topics and then once I had the girls I talked a lot about twin stuff and it’s been really fun to just.

See the transition of it but I have noticed that a lot of Beauty youtubers have.

Sort of downsizing their makeup they’re doing a lot of decluttering and when I first started youtube like hauls were super super popular collection videos and I definitely have seen a shift which.

Is cool because I think it’s just a little bit smarter you don’t need to surround yourself with so much stuff but while I’m talking about that.

Before I get into the products I would love for you guys to leave me a comment on maybe like your top three videos that you like to watch of mine I’ve always wanted my content to be stuff that you guys find.

Useful because it’s not useful then what’s the point of it you know I all my content to be stuff that you guys.

Find helpful inspirational motivating so whatever you guys like to.

Watch it can be beauty it can be baby stuff whatever just leave me a comment and let me know like your top 3 videos and one new thing I’m starting is I’m going to start doing these kind of secret videos so I will do a video on my channel but I will it’ll be private so only the people with.

The link can actually watch it and it’ll be q and A’s it’ll be maybe popular topics so you guys want to hear about and only the people who are subscribed to my email list can view it because I want to give you guys something back in return but there’s a little section on my blog where you can enter in your email if you guys have been subscribed to my emails I’ve been sending you just recaps of the posts in case you missed it just to make.

It a little bit easier to find but I thought it’d be kind of fun to do like a secret video so only the people who are subscribed to my email list can watch it so okay first up I have a shampoo and conditioner that I’m obsessed with the brand is Apothecary essentials and there’s a couple different types the one that I have is the coconut milk white jasmine vitamin e this one is to repair a nourish distressed hair which I have not from dyeing it because I stopped dyeing my hair.

But I do still put heat on my hair and also I’m in the Sun a lot so the Sun just.

Really dries out your hair I found these off of Vitacost and they’re made with really good pure ingredients they’re gentle on your hair but they work so well whenever I use these my.

Hair would feel so soft so nourished and hydrated they smell out-of-this-world good like a tropical island vacation and I just could not recommend these enough I went through them pretty quickly too because I usually keep two sets of shampoos and conditioners in our shower and I found myself always wanting to use these ones and I love that there’s a pump next I have the Physicians Formula butter bronzer in the color is it just bronzer it just.

Says bronzer and this I love I love the scent it smells like tanning lotion but it started drying out on me if you can see it’s all cracked and when a makeup product starts to crack.

And just doesn’t look the same or maybe smells different that’s when I’m like I don’t want to.

Use this anymore because I don’t want my skin to break out my skin is pretty sensitive use any product or something with an ingredient.

That irritates my skin all all break out so I just.

Felt like it was time to be done with this I’ve used it for a really long time I’ve.

Gotten at any use clearly you can see and I have a lot of bronzers right now that I like and I just need to use them up okay next I have another product that I have not finished up it’s the.

Ousia atmosphere protection cream this just started smelling bad and again if a product if the scent has changed then you should probably not be using it anymore and what I was doing this is I really like this when I was using it it’s vegan gluten free cruelty free what I’ve been trying to do.

Lately is go through my medicine cabinet with all my skincare and pull some of the things that are new and replace them with some products that need to be finished up because I don’t want them to go bad so some of the things that like I’ve just started I’m like okay let me let me wait a little bit on those and try to use some of these other things up and if I don’t really like them that.

Much then I can get rid of them but this is one of the things I was like I remember I really like this and I started to use some of it and I was like yeah I can’t use it but you basically put on before like your moisturizer or your sunscreen and it helps to protect your skin from the Sun and it’s just kind of like a protective layer next.

I have this sebou sea buckthorn polishing and facial cleanser this has been a cleanser that.
I feel like is in every single empties that I’ve.

Ever made it I guess it’s all for the Amazon or vitacost I don’t know I’ve had some sketchy purchases from Amazon lately so I’m a little afraid to buy beauty products from there I try to read their views because usually if it’s a company that has sent a product that is not completely authentic then there will be some reviews on it but I’m trying to think I don’t know.

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