Edo Agenda – Shaking Things Up In The Productivity App Space

Have you ever missed the days of having those day planners where you can you know have that mix of the to-do list plus your calendar and maybe some space of four notes if you’re lucky yeah I miss those days too but with the advent of technology and cell phones and you know we graduated from PDAs we now have.

The ability to take this information and have it a little more sleek and efficient interface we have all kinds of apps like for example to.

Do is keep wondered list I mean asana is a major one that I and I used a lot I mean the the options.

Are endless I even have note-taking apps that kind of dab into the productivity space of to-do lists management they also have to-do list managers at dab into.

Note-taking a little bit here there and even Microsoft is you know getting more.

More have invested in the space and you see with this type of format we’ve sometimes some people think it’s a better format in terms of the layout interface we’ve graduated to something.

Like this where it’s pretty much mobile first tab tabs on the left or panel on.

The left and then the main interface in the middle and then very top down somewhat linear type of thinking logic towards how we organize our tasks but alas it’s still not there I think it’s time for someone to shake it up and take us to the next level of what productivity looks.
Like in a digital age and I think there is a new kid on the block that’s.

Going to be able to do that and this new kid on the block is IDO agenda agenda it’s a kind of fresh take on to-do list management and note-taking and I’ve been blown away this is what.

We have here notice this is a calendar to-do list plus a note-taking app and one interface and no this.

Is definitely not google’s rendition or hack of combining a to-do list plus a calendar which for time can be suitable if you keep things simple but could get really.

Messy really messy to manage if you go if you put too many things in it so very clumsy interface when you have a to-do list mixing interfacing with a calendar you have to be the case in Outlook as.
Well this however could be what the.

Future holds for you know user interface shake-up and redesign when it comes.

To productivity I’ll tell you why because when it comes to productivity there’s so many distractions so many different types of things that are.

Calling them vying for our attention and pulling us away from our work and when things kind of come up and come to mind we want to have to we want to have something that is works with a flow that’s seamless in terms of grabbing.

Information and inputting information oftentimes with these tools you got to flip through something really quickly and you got to hope to know that you placed it with these apps you have to click the right place you got a search and hopefully their servers are fat and your internet.

Connections fast enough and get a surgeon hopefully asana pulls it up in time or even with a mobile interface you know again you got to click here click there click there click there and when you get to a note you might have a different app versus your to-do list and so you might even have to between different.

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