Edo Agenda – Shaking Things Up In The Productivity App Space

Apps since do lists and whatnot so with this you’re really at amazing place where you’re.

Having a seamless integration of to-do lists and your calendar plus note-taking now this is in beta and here’s a demo account you can sync it with Google events or Google Calendar but again it’s a very limited still so everything.

I say take with a grain of salt in terms of its capabilities but man is this exciting I have to confess it’s also heartbreaking and I.

Tell you why how can that be the reason is is because I was literally slotted to work on an app that addressed this actual issue 2018 as one of.

My goals to begin working on something like this that solves this problem because I had a problem that many people have when it comes to managing projects but also managing information that.

May turn into a task or may just be a placeholder for something or maybe just for a record and and you know it can morph into a task and it can get on my calendar as.

A meeting and so it it’s all these different things that it can morph into and.

You know the nature of work especially as we get into more and more of an information-based economy and our work the work that we.

And more digital we need something that we can look at it from different dimensions and pull it from it in different dimensions and and not have to worry about switching apps switching the switching that and so with this I think it’s it’s almost there in the sense that you can if I have if there’s a stream of consciousness or in a meeting we just go right into three that.

Pick it up or when we go to if you need to a task like those things eventually I’m sure they won’t have some subtasks you can create and yeah so you have these task management.

The note management and then obviously your calendar we can go straight and see what’s going on and notice these like small placeholders where automatically redirects the content and puts it right in a little more.

You know a shorthand version of it you have different windows I guess you can say we.
Can see the stuff that is again this is a.

Demo so you can see annum broad spectrum things you see the agenda and then here I see just a pure to-do list now and then pure notes now this is just data and you know maybe in the future what they’ll do is as I write a task will automatically show up here so.

That I get to almost this is almost like a filter of my work in a way that is clean and I have to reproduce.

So if I’m literally in a middle of a meeting with someone on Sunday I say have a meeting on Sunday why you would.

Me on a Sunday I don’t know maybe have a board meeting for your church write your notes oh now now I know.

I have to do this or that maybe in the future they might.

Implement a shorthand to keyboard not shortcut boom I do like a symbol or something and I’ll nightly converts this into a task for me and I just.

Flow and so literally my notes and my tasks are there’s pretty much one thing so that’s where you know that comes in this is huge because there’s so many different places where this can go one again like I said you can drop all the tasks in here for ya notes here for you and look at your calendar for you.

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