Edo Agenda – Shaking Things Up In The Productivity App Space

Obviously integrating with Google Calendar it’s gonna be huge and even though maybe they might have an API that can pull from different to-do list apps if you want to import them or even export them and then note I mean this could.

Be a huge this could be a winner especially if they add free form similar to OneNote or if I had a touch device I can just draw on here or just yeah redirect all the place content wherever I want just float it around instead of being linear this can go so in different places so the one.

Thing I’ll recommend though if they’re not going to be doing how already is being able to see if I write a note here I should be able to see it in my journal here write a task in my agenda I should be able to see a task here and if they can kind of sunrise did this with Google Calendar have.

A two-way sync that was really hard to wasting from Google Calendar and this calendar here because I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of limitations for one how people.

Can use this if it’s only one-way sync yeah they have a mobile app that’s pretty promising too so check that out and that’s my review of EDA agenda I think it’s a bittersweet but this is the app that I want to create and now someone else created but hey I guess an end it doesn’t matter I have a really cool app that I get to play with and might meet my needs most.

Likely so check it out II do great job continue the great work and I look forward to seeing all the future enhancements and add-ins they can do I mean this place I I predict that this set will have breakout success get bought off by Microsoft and then make us all cry because there’s another 2.0 web app that gets bought out by a big company that gets squashed but finds a different form of life in another you know company but hopefully does they they stay true to this and keep it around for a long time.

All right that’s me wrapping up this review I hope you have a great one talk to you that is later.

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