Top 10 To-do Apps For 2018

Hey everyone welcome back to another video it is francesco here and welcome to the key product of youtube channel if you are brand new and if your regular welcome so in today’s video what we’re going to be doing is diving in to do list applications something that we’ve done into a lot of on this youtube channel i put.
Up a lot of videos about to do this application and what I tend to.

Do at the end of the year is round up the ones that I think will be 2018 ready ones that you can go out and use it actively and that you should take note of in 2018 give you them few of my thoughts as well now just before we get started today make.

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You haven’t doing this skill share class yet it’d be amazing to have you the skill share class covers finding your ideal to do list application so if you’re struggling.
With this list at the end go away join the class there’s.

Two months free premium in the description below so you can go and check that one out and enroll as a student using the link and it’d be amazing to have you review that class and work out what those to do this applications are.

For you so I’m really looking forward to that one so make sure to hit that one in description below so without further ado let’s dive into these ten to-do list applications to get you ready for 2018 these will provide you with good experiences for today’s applications and I’m going to give.

Some insight into where I think these applications are going in 2018 so the first one is to do is to do is is.

Still my app of choice as my to do this.

Application on a daily basis I’ll use it to visualize all my tasks my sub tasks and pretty much everything all across my.
Day so I actually have a fault to do later.

To do a setup video in the columns above so if you can’t see now go and check it out but in 2018 I think to do this will continue to improve on their views and layouts I think that.

Over time to duyst has become more of a list experience and I think that over time.

They’re going to have to evolve into multi views and you’re probably wondering what I mean by that there is an application recently called Zen kit going about that provides users with a multitude of views which I always say is awesome in a Productivity application and I think to do this we’ll start to move towards the lights of a Kanban view and actually being.

Able to visualize stuff in different to do formats and what’s quite interesting is that they run an experiment on their windows a couple of years ago that they’ve probably are looking to go into implement but anyway this is all speculation this is all me just thinking in the back of my head and something then I think they will put.

Some attention towards they haven’t really changed the product a huge deal more of minor updates in improving the rigidness of.

The resource and something I’ve really appreciate because to do is I swear is awesome when it’s offline I really love it and it works really well consistently I haven’t had.

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