Top 10 To-do Apps For 2018

Two years so that’s where I see to do is going I definitely recommend it I recommend it a lot of time because it tends to cover a lot of the middle ground for.

Productivity apps like if you’re looking for a very simple one but again if you’re looking for an advanced one it sort of fits a good middle section so the next resource I want to point towards is nonde to do this application per se but I think it’s going to be a big one in 2018 and Nana’s notion notion is very similar to Trello very similar Dropbox paper very similar to Google Drive but what it does.

Is provides you with like a hub to go in and choose your own layout and resources it’s almost like creating your own intranet for yourself I’ve been playing around with it a lot in 2017 second half of 2017 and so impressed I think I discovered it in June after having a chat with.

Alex and he was like go check this one out and I was like wow this is actually really impressive very early stages only just released an iOS app but has definitely recommend if you want to go and check out one as I.

Said that’s not exactly – this application and sense but it provides you with the function to do this application so it’s definitely worth going away and.

Taking a good hard look at it if you want to have a good idea I’m going to be doing a full review on it soon although I do have an an early impressions review on it that one clued in the cart above the next one is ticktick I have been so impressed in 2017 a tick tick and think 2018 the year it might blow up and actually be a very popular to do this application now ticktick is very simple to do.

This in a way it’s followed the same sort of model and the same sort of feature sense but it provides you with a layer of.

Calendar which i think to do is is lacking at the moment maybe.

That will be one of their views and layouts that they release but ticktick provides you with such an experience a very good experience for beginners and intermediates in the productivity space so ticktick is one to watch out for they’re going to be getting ready I think in 2018 for a big future set so it’s definitely worth checking out out there always releasing new stuff like the ticktick 4.

Uh police believe the other week release.

Pomodoro timers and pretty intricate stuff so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on what those guys are.

Before things three now although things free won’t be things all very soon they take a lot of time to develop a new version.

Of it which is amazing I do think things three will come out with a update that will tweak a few things about the system I think that at the moment it’s very simplistic very basic and I think they’re.

Going to be adding a lot more stuff over the next little week aside subtasks and things like that but things three is definitely one to check out 2018 I think it’s the perfect balance between design and to do this application like if you’re looking for a dead simple heavy personal experience things three is brilliant for that optionality so highly recommend it highly recommended design if you’re an iOS and.

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