Top 10 To-do Apps For 2018

Mac lever this is great for you number.

Five is Microsoft to do although I’m very.

Speculation for I’m very speculative speculative I’m very speculative about Microsoft to do many because obviously obviously it’s so small at the moment and I haven’t really officially.

Released and pushed it behind their own efforts but I think in 2018 it will be an office 365 product that a lot of people use I think that a lot of people struggle to find a resource in the personal productivity space that works alongside their subscriptions at their office provide you so for example.

If you’re an office 405 visitor you will get it as a personal product inside there you can use it to organize their own tasks where having to use it use the team functions and the team tools inside of office for subscribe to use it so I think.

It’s gonna feel huge gap in the market and one that I think people will take away to home and use.

It there and take away to work and use.

It there so I think it was I think it was.

Thrive in the office 365 space a down will thrive in the main market where the big boys are playing so the next application is we do we do came out of the woodwork this year I think it’s very impressive application they spent a lot of time developing it very simple at the.

Moment but brings together goal tracking will know how about tracking sorry and to-do list experience which I’m pretty impressed by and quite like how playful and fun it is so I’m definitely keeping my own we do this year I think they’re gonna be taking a whole new level very soon and we do is something that I would keep my eye on there’s a lot of people my.

Eyes on in this future next one is not speed not speed is a like personal productivity application but team productivity application so I recommend it as a heavy professional tool in the productivity matrix now what I think not to be does very well is providing with that personal experience but I do think in 2018 they’re going to have a design overhaul on a lot of the applications.

I think that in my honest opinion I think not to me is a brilliant application but the design is the thing that lacks in the experience I think in a way it’s very similar to doest that the design is brilliant but it needs like a fresh face to.

Make it like more appealing to the current users if you know I mean.

So definitely I’m gonna be keeping an eye on not to be mainly for a design overhaul nothing else because I think they’ve got all the main features they need and number eight is RT M which.

Is rememberthemilk they seem to have stayed around for a whole year now since then relaunch actually it’s been like year-and-a-half since every launch but they relaunched as a new application and it’s pretty impressive on iOS and Android as well as on the web a very.

Smooth experience but I think our team are going to be trying to get back into people’s applications list I think that they’re gonna spend more time on design and efforts like that I think the way that they presented themselves and their onboarding is on point and something that I think.

They’re going to try and chase can into the game this year number nine is any dudes the le doux team already seem to be adding and focusing on a lot of advanced functionality although the experience is quite basic in a sense it provides you with a good experience to get going with but any do I recommend it if you’re.

Looking for a good sort of like personal heavy personal application in the sense but I would actually now.

You can use it there but I really think any do is going to be doing well in 2018 I think they’re going to be focusing on AI and more attention towards the actual.

Experience now to do is towns above them more of the ability to add tasks in a fast manner more of the heavy personal experience so any do AI and heavy personal task management is definitely.

Going to be the focus in 2018 guys if you don’t want a heavy personal like professional and I’m gonna include a matrix that.

I created for the skill share class which is gonna be available in description it’s a.

PDF that explains basically how all of the productivity apps I rank them to do saps I rank them and how they sort of.

Correlate to that so I’m going to put that in description.

For you guys to go away and have a look at and my tenth and final at 2018 contender is meister tasks I think the team at I think it’s Meister lamps have been a very impressive to develop such a good resource I think they’re they’re always developing it and always like pushing forward on it I think they’re they’re looking to release a business experience very soon and I think in 2018 they’re going to.

Be putting more and more attention onto this one and it’s one that I always see Apple recommend and other people recommend when you’re using with team.

So I think they’re gonna be growing and growing anyway guys I hope that you enjoyed those recommendations and also my thoughts on what’s going to be happening in 2018 these are the tend to do this applications and I think are gonna blow up in 2018 there’s gonna be obviously be a few outside ones and ones that come up but.

These are the ones to keep an eye on and it would always thank you so much for stopping by make sure.

To check out the skill share class it’d be amazing.

Remember two months inscription using that link if you’re brand new to skill share if not just ping.

Me with common inscription in the comments and I’ll definitely so organize access for you because it’d be great to have you over on that class anyway guys thank you so much for stopping by make sure have a great day keep productive and we’ll see guys very very soon Cheers.

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