Remember The Milk Tutorial | Learn Rtm In 20 Minutes!

Hey I’m Jeff this is a tutorial for a member of the milk this tutorial is separating into three sections we got easy intermediate and super user slash extra stuff are you ready to get more productive well let’s dive into it so before I dive into any features I just want to quickly go over the interface the interface is.

Made up of four different sections the first one being the header where you have this cloud icon just letting you know whether you’re.

An online mode or an offline mode to.

The right of that this Bell icon where you’ll find your notifications and to the right of that the gear icon where you can access your settings then over here on the left this is basically where you can find your tasks and then in this white middle panel is where you can do things to the tasks and finally.

The panel on the right is where you can see more information about those tasks all right so now that we’ve gone over the interface I’m gonna create a task now from the start this task is in my inbox say if.

You wanted to put this task in a specific lists like a grocery list all you have to do is go over till this just click on that plus button type in the list name now if you notice the task is not automatically in that list I have to actually move that task to that list to do that let’s go back to the Inbox now I just want to point out one major difference that separates Remember The Milk from the other to-do.

List apps is that when you click on that check box it doesn’t actually complete the task it only selects the task for you so that you can do something to the task now what we want to do is we want to move this task to that grocery list that we just created to do that go up here to the list icon click on grocery lists now if we go to grocery lists you’ll see the tasks there instead.

And now that I’m in this list I can actually just add tasks from inside of it and since I already have the grocery list selected any tasks that I add in this box here is gonna automatically add to my grocery list now let’s say you wanted to buy ingredients a recipe but you wanted.

To keep them all together now the easiest way to do that would be to add the recipe name as the main task or to say pizza recipe then click.

On that task and add subtasks like dough cheese sauce toppings now let’s say you wanted to do this recipe next Friday click on that box next to where it says do and.

You can actually put in when you want this to me do so we’ll say next Friday press Enter now let’s say you really love pizza you want to.

Do this every week every Friday click on this box next to repeats click on every week so even when you check off this task as complete next Friday it will keep reappearing with that Friday due date every single week until you either remove that repeating rule or delete the task and if you notice.

After we added those four subtasks you can see a four icon next to the parent tasks name and this little.

Icon just means that it’s going to repeat and of course you have.

Your due date now as of right now we only have one recipe let’s say eventually you start adding a lot more recipes an easy way to sort through those will be adding tags so for this why don’t we just call it Italian now if you noticed that out of the tag over here to my tags list let’s create another food recipe then we can do the same.

Thing again just add another tag from the sidebar Mexican well let’s say we made tacos last week and you wanted to leave a note for yourself for.

Next time you can simply pop in this little box here and add whatever you like let’s just say let’s make fresh pico next time all right so we added our note as you can see there’s.

A new icon next to this task just letting you know that doesn’t know it attached to it ad we’re at soy milk alright so now that we have our grocery task ready for us I’m gonna click on one of them and I’m.

Gonna show you what we can do so this first one here it’s basically like a shortcut that lets you auto select certain groupings so you had a lot of tasks in a list but.

To have to manually click on each one you could click on all you could deselect all of them I clicking on none you could click on just the ones that are.

Ones that are doing tomorrow and just the ones that are overdue this next button we’ll mark the task that you have selected as complete and as you can see you have a little notification here.

Letting you know that you marked it as complete you also can click undo and then I’ll bring the task back click back on the task to bring up the menu again you can postpone the task so let’s say for example that pizza recipe we want to postpone that a month and now you can see the date.

To June this one here just lets you assign tasks to other people so this exclamation mark button just lets you set the priority for the task I’m at a soy milk right now so I’m gonna set that as a high-priority with the orange color this next button lets you assign a due date I’m gonna sign it for today that’s going to bold the task as well this.

Next button lets you move tasks to other lists let’s just say hypothetically we had a task in here that isn’t supposed to be in here like walk the dog what we can do now is click on that task click on move to and we either can move it to the inbox or we can create.

A new list directly from this button and as you can see we were able to move that task to a.

New list while creating that new list at the same time which is pretty cool go back to our old list next to move to we have tags and we have the same option of creating.
It a new tag directly from this drop-down menu so let’s.

Do that now and to the right of that we have a more button which allows us to do a bulk update duplicate tasks delete tasks or undo last action so.

This is part two of the tutorial and what we’re gonna cover is a dude just so you know we’re at almond milk so you might want to get on that alright just saying thanks we’re gonna cover intermediate stuff now let’s say you wanted to create a list for work we’re gonna go over here and click on that havelis button again create that new list.

And let’s just say you were put in charge of designing your company’s logo so what’s put here find inspiration for new logo now let’s say you want to add some images to this task that you find inspiring what we can do is click on add field click on attachment now one thing to keep in mind is remember the milk does not store any of your attachments on their.

Servers you have to link an existing Dropbox or Google Drive account that you own so.

I’m going to click on Google Drive connect to Google Drive and then you’re gonna see this permission window click on allow now you should see a notification.

At the top just letting you know that your account has been connected now we have.

To go back over to add field click on attachment then click on upload new from computer find the image click on open now as you can see the image file has been successfully attached and if you want to see what that image is just hover over it and of course you can always attach other things like PDF documents and Word documents and out to you upload a new image to Google Drive or Dropbox you’ll now see this arrow icon just letting you know the status of your uploads now let’s.

Say you want to get reminders on this specific task go up to that gear icon scroll down.

To account settings click on that then go over here and click on reminders and as you can see right now I’m currently getting reminders to my email address and to my phone you can choose to get our minors either associated.

With start times or two times since this task doesn’t have either of those why don’t we go back and add some excited this make sure we have that task selected then click on do tomorrow and we.

Can add a start time by clicking on add field click on start and now when we go back to settings and look at our reminder options we can now click on these options you can also set has to be reminded before task starts we want to make sure we save those changes click on that Save button all that good stuff X out.

Of that now one really cool and really powerful feature of Remember The Milk that I really like is smart add to access smart add just.

Click inside that new task box and you can actually assign multiple properties to that task all at once by typing them all out let’s say for example call Bob next Tuesday and as you can see ice not only scheduled.

That task but I also created a new tag for that task all in that one box at the same time fully powerful stuff let’s do one more.

It puts a finish report high-priority Monday 5 p.

and as you can see that task was successfully added that Monday at 5 p.
due date and time along with that high priority now let’s say you wanted to.

Share this work list with a colleague all you have to do is click on this big blue.

Share button start typing their name if you’ve already.

Shared with them before their name should pop up really easily if not put in their email address and they’ll get an invite to join Remember The Milk and a second way to share a.

List is by clicking the down arrow click Share list and there you go now another powerful feature of RTM is the search wizard if we go up here to the.

Search box click on that drop-down we can actually search specific Ward’s that a task has or doesn’t have and we can actually search inside the note so why don’t.

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