Remember The Milk Tutorial | Learn Rtm In 20 Minutes!

We create some tests for ourselves let’s go to the inbox let’s add pineapple Apple pins pie tree and as you can see added some words that add some similarities so let’s go to the search box let’s type in pin not only did it find the ones that we created but actually found the pin inside the word toppings so yeah it’s.

Pretty accurate it’s pretty good type Apple there we go type Tree I’ll type it we’ll see if it has the word pin but not the word Apple as you can see pineapple was not included in this list so yeah search is really powerful and if.

You really have trouble finding your tasks you have a whole list of options now in addition to notifications and reminders rememberthemilk also has something called daily digest or you can get tasks that are due sent to your email inbox every single day.

To access those settings click on that gear icon on the top right click on account settings click on daily digest and as you can see here I have my email address you can change your email by clicking on that Change button there and you can choose what.

Types of tasks that you do or don’t want to see in that email overdue tasks tasks that starts a day tomorrow all that good stuff and you can also set a preferred time I’m gonna set this to live and AM for overdue tasks and tasks that start today click Save Changes so now any tasks that are overdue or are solving today I will get that heads up in my email inbox hey there you me at the section 3 of the tutorial congratulations the next section will not be.

Too hard I promise you I’ll walk you through it and we’re outta rice milk and coconut milk and quinoa milk so alright I didn’t even know they made quinoa milk now anyway here section three alright so now I’m gonna show you a cool feature called bulk update bulk update is simply just a way to update multiple tasks at the same time with multiple properties at the same time let’s just say you’re planning for a vacation but you have all these tasks that are due tomorrow and there are.

Things that you you know you have to do but you really want to focus on your vacation and planning so what you can do is select all the tasks click on the more’ button click on bulk update I’m going to change their date right now they’re currently due tomorrow and let’s just.

Say your vacation starts in a few days so.

What we can do is we can postpone these tasks for one week now the beauty of book update is is you can add multiple fields here to update these tasks all at once now the.

Actually really useful is because say you were moving some tasks into another list but what happened is is now those tasks would leave your view the page that you’re on and you’d have to go to the other folder click on them again and then apply another change to those tasks but with bulk update so you could not only move tasks to other lists but also apply.

Different properties to them at the same time so that way you don’t have to apply a property go back and find the tasks in that new list then apply another property in you can do it all at once to save time so we.

Added a one week due date we’re also going to change the priority of these tasks to priority 3 and we’re going to move these tasks to a list you know just to get them out of the inbox so we can focus on our vacation planning so what you can do is click update and those three.

Things were applied all at once which is actually really really cool so if you notice in personal the tasks are all there they all have that one week due date they all have the same priority level but let’s.

Say now you don’t want to update all the tasks you just want to bulk update some of the tasks so I see the tasks for planning the vacation that shouldn’t mean this list I want to move that to.

The vacation list so I’m gonna click on that and picking up prescriptions I’m gonna need those before I go on vacations I’m gonna need to take those prescriptions with me so what we can do is is click on here go to bulk update we’re gonna move.

These to our vacation list we’re gonna add another field we’re gonna change the priority to priority one then we’re also gonna add a due date for Monday click on update if you click on this week on the left navigation panel you will see those tasks in their scheduled for Monday and those tasks can.

Also be found in the vacation list but we also have some tasks on here that we don’t want to forget about so what we’re gonna do is click on those four tasks go to bulk update she was priority one we’re gonna click to date one day and we’ll update that so that’s bulk update in a nutshell super useful feature I highly recommend using it if you’re gonna be applying multiple changes to multiple tasks at once even if you just want to.

Apply a bunch of things just one task.

It’s actually pretty useful too so now I’m gonna go over a smart lists smart lists are basically.

Lists that use custom filters automatically let’s go create one now by clicking on that plus button next to smart lists now as you saw earlier I was using money as a tag that I had anything that involving paying for something you know and you might not always remember to add the tags which you know.

What happens life happens and so what if you were in a situation where you wanted to see a list of.

Everything you needed to spend money on a really easy way to do that would be to create a smart list so we’ll name the list financial so we’re gonna switch to the.

Query editor then we’re just gonna type name colon pay.

Or name colon purchase or name colon by and as you can see we have two tasks that I’m acne shut up in the smart list the first task having the word buy and in the second task having the word paying it now we even could take this a step further by going back to the smart list clicking on that down arrow and clicking.

List and then we can also add or tag colon money which is a tag we already have created click Save now all of our tasks I already have the money tag will also show up in here as well for example pick up.

Prescriptions doesn’t have any keywords in the task name itself but it does have that money tag associated with it now another cool feature is you can actually change the color of tags all you do is click this arrow.

Next to the tags list to expand and open the list click on these down arrows next to each.

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