Remember The Milk Tutorial | Learn Rtm In 20 Minutes!

Tag then you can change the color from there so let’s just say well make all these darker colors another cool thing you can change is the whole theme of the app just go to.

The gear icon click on themes and need to choose all these different colors and you also have.

Some photographs as well now remember the milk also lets you change some defaults to see those click on the gear icon click on account settings click on general and the start page is just the first page you’ll see when you revisit the app right now it’s set to show you the last page you are on.

Let’s say you wanted to view the inbox every single time you can easily just change it to inbox this is for when you create a task but you don’t assign a list to it so the inbox is a good default for that you can also change your default due date to today you can change your default sort by task.

Name priority to date or drag and drop you can turn off default fields turning off day detection is a good idea if you’re someone that likes to put times or dates in your task names but you don’t want to actually schedule those tasks in the app.

So you turn that off whenever you type a time or a day so the next time you add a task with a time or date in the name of the task it will always stay in the name of that task and not get convert it private addresses are just long URLs that you can.

Use to subscribe in like an RSS reader or a counter app and of course you can switch to the beta release if you so desire and if you’ve been wondering how to switch to offline mode it’s as easy as clicking on that cloud icon and then clicking.

On that switch to offline mode button and you can now see the.

Cloud icon is crossed out meaning you are in offline mode and they get back online click on the cloud icon again and then click on the switch to online mode button.

Hey look who made it thanks for watching this video and don’t forget to download my.

Free you remember the mil cheat sheet the link is in the description below you.

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