Adding Attachments In Things 3

Hey guys it’s Mike and if you saw my prior video which was a comparison review of things three from cultured code compared to nozbe you’ll notice that we talked about attachments and so what I’d like to do in this video is clarify a little bit and show you how you can add attachments to your to-do items in things.

Two different ways and it’s very very simple ok so I am here in things 3 I’m going to go full screen I’ve created a project over here called living room renovation now I’ve got three things here finished the blue painting of the walls frame a photo.

Of the kids and purchase Korbel for the window treatment I’m going to focus on frame photo for the kids and by double clicking this expands my to-do item and we talked in the last video about all the different things I can put in here now I think one of.

The negatives of things 3 is.

That it’s not particularly intuitive as to how I can get something like.

An attachment on to this particular to-do item so I can type in here but what I really want is some kind of an image or an attachment here so there are a couple things that I can do first is I can go into downloads and I.
Can just select an item and drag it.

In and there it is ok and by double-clicking on it it opens preview on the Mac and there’s an item there ok so that’s not bad I’d prefer to see probably a little JPEG image there I think that would be kind of cool you just make it faster and easier for me.

To know what that is but that’s better than nothing now the other thing I should mention is that on the iOS version there’s really very little if any way to import an attachment so you have to do all this on the Mac again that may not be a big thing for you.
But for a lot of power users that is a big thing.

Ok the other way I’m going to show you is by using an app like bear you could certainly use Evernote as well I haven’t app note here called living.

Room ideas and within this what I can do is on this particular photo I can click on copy link to note and then.

Over here I can just paste that in there okay not bad better than nothing you can see that I’ve.

Got that little image there letting me know I’ve got some things in my notes so that’s two simple ways that you can add attachments to your notes in things three.

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