Project Evo Planner – A Review And Overview

Okay so this is the last part of my review and experience with the Evo planner I’ve been working with it for a while and I’m about to tell you what I have discovered and what my experience is now your needs and experiences might be different this is just my opinion here it goes so day one of the evo.

Planner I think I did okay it’s not amazing but I’ll show you I filled out the week plan I did not really like the to do section of the week plan because I’m sorry I’ve got more things to do and brain to brain dump than that so I ended up just writing to check todoist because.

That’s where I braided up but I used it instead to plan what my facebook lives would be for the week and to just kind of highlight what the priorities worked because the bottom priority part was helpful but to do section for me not helpful I’ve not done the week review.

Yet because of course the week’s not done yet I will do an update then but day one of using the planner itself this is what it ended up looking like when I was done I fail miserably at not planning too many things in one day as I tend to do and I think for my personality type they probably don’t need three options per grouping of the day because they broke.

It out in the morning afternoon and evening they probably need maybe.

One or two having three is too many because seeing three got me to want to fill in all three which that’s impossible so I.

Think for myself I might cross off a couple of each section so I can’t write too many things in it so it can narrow my focus but no other than that though it went really well I liked I’m grateful for and being able to write that down at the beginning of my day and forcing myself to decide.

What the most important task of the day is I already kind of did that before the planner and I really believe in that one and I like the end of the day review I don’t know that the app is all that exciting.

For the review because it just kind of records your score but yeah the end of the day review is kind of nice to see what I succeeded with what.
The bottom here is where you kind of review your.

Day and decide what was interesting and important but that’s.

My day 1 review I like it I’m not in love with it yet but I think this is gonna just be a habit that has to be built so it’s gonna get a good run from.

Me working on it every day and we’ll see how it goes and doin okay so I’ve been really trying to stick with doing my Evo planner every day and I’m 90% successful maybe but I’m still really struggling with this one I just don’t think that this is necessarily for me because I’m finding.

That every day I’m adding post-it in order to be able to write the things that I need to do because it lets you write the big stuff but sometimes there’s just a bunch of little stuff so I’m still sticking with it I’m trying and I appreciate that I can see my progress as far as what days I’m doing my health and wellness gratitudes and how I’m doing with that so that’s really nice to.

See in the app um I don’t know really what else the app is good for besides just checking that because I can’t even get it to scan right but I’m not giving up yet I promise to see it through for a little bit longer and I will and well that’s like day 7 so far of the Evo planner we’ll see okay so I have to admit I’m sort of giving up on the app.
So I can’t really get it to scan whenever I try let’s see if I can.

Do it now watch it work great yep so I end up having anything interesting it just kind of greets what I said each.
Day free so not worth it it’s like day.

14 right now and app not doing it so first off the Evo planner can be found at project Evo org.

So that’s project Evo org they tell you a little bit more about it there I still do think that this is a beautiful planner they did a great job with package easing packaging it and presenting it it’s very well made so when I pull out.

This planner I do kind of feel like I’m something special with the.

Gold it’s kind of a almost rose gold side and they’ve got.

Some great ribbons with a day and the week to keep track of where you’re at I added my own extra tab to find another page that I used frequently but not all of my experience has been positive so I got the three-month version for I think it was like thirty nine dollars it’s thirty nine dollars now they.

Are as far as I can tell only selling it still through IndieGoGo it was.

Originally Kickstarter is where I got it so as of right now which is August in 2018 from what I can tell through Kickstarter they made three hundred sixty seven thousand a little.

Bit more and through IndieGoGo they’ve made a little bit more than seven hundred seventy three thousand dollars so super well funded I was excited just as everybody else was now if you want the full year version currently it’s listed as a hundred twenty seven dollars like.

I said this is three months and the full-year version is actually from what I can tell four of the three month planners.

For the different quarters they also do have an option where you can get additional coaching along with your planner so they’ve got a package right now for seven hundred ninety seven dollars.

Which includes three months of coaching which from what I’ve researched it seems to be every two weeks you get a 15-minute phone call with a coach not too sure I’m sold on that either because as a Productivity coach it takes me 15 minutes just to find out what’s you know a little bit of your back story wasn’t working for you I don’t know that I can give you anything of value in only.

15 minutes except for giving you ideas that aren’t really tailored to you so for me I would skip the coaching part for sure because that’s just not.

Effective find yourself a Productivity coach.

Outside of that and you will get a lot more bang for your buck that’s a super high price for coaching at fifteen.

Minutes but back to the planner so the planner itself as I mentioned this is just a three month planner and it’s already this big they have.

A lot of excess in it I was hoping that it’d be more helpful because the whole goal is that it’s tailored to your personality type and I’m the explorer.

Personality but it does still list every personality type in the front and how to understand it how to work with it I appreciate that how to work with other personality types I might not need this in all every planner I get and the instructions but it was super handy so not the worst thing I went through my month the month page is just.

Like any other month planner there’s days of the month and then I wrote down at the bottom they have a spot for your monthly goals and your work and.

Personal goals kind of helpful on the side they have projects and to do but that’s super tiny the problem is there is nothing in here that helps guide you on how to figure out what your goals are or set goals or track longer-term goals so this month goal.

Is great if you’ve already if you’re really good at your own goals and if you’re already keeping track of it somewhere else so this will keep track.

Of it for a little while for you but it’s not gonna track a larger goal over time.

Quite as easily as I would think that it would for the price then we move into the day space the week space I’m sorry they have a weekly plan so within the weekly plan page as you can see that got work and personal and gratitudes or favorite moments and what you learn that week it.

Is good to review in your week so I found I liked reviewing my week and the reminder for that it did not go to very in-depth with the review of my week and there is no way I could.

Fit a week’s worth of ideas and things to do in this little spot so I ended up still using my app for all of my little – dues because there’s just.

There’s no way that this is enough space for.

An entire week of all my work and personal stuff and as far as the tracking it has at the bottom you can see the fill in the bubbles and how you think you did but there’s not really any space to analyze why what made it good what made it not so good what.

The habit was that could maybe be adjusted if it was not so good or what you were really rocking and I wanted.

More information analyzing the weekend grading it is fine but that really just stops at the surface and.

Does not get me anywhere towards change it was just.

Tracking so the week hit or miss it’s okay I was expecting more but.

I really was interested in the day the today so let me pull one of my days up like this as you can see I.

Liked that they split out the morning afternoon and evening sections because that helped me to kind.

Of break out the time and it is good that they did not have a lot of space there because you can really only do a couple of things in each of those time chunks so it did make me limit how many things I wrote down instead of my really long list that I like to do and that’s.

The top has you list your priorities for the day which is great so I knew which of those things were the most important so I’d really like that the only problem is there are so many times that I need supporting information to go with some of my to-do.

Items and there’s not really a space for notes for that so what I ended up doing a lot of the time was adding a post-it with some of the little micro tasks that I had to do quick phone calls or quick emails and with supporting information so if I had a task on there and I need to just a.

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