Project Evo Planner – A Review And Overview

Bullet point some of the things that need to go on then I had to add a post-it within the journal because there was there’s just.

No space for that also they it’s the same tracking somewhat as the week so you can see that you just can score your day they do at least ask you what your favorite thing was from the day for each category which is nice I would it’s.

Soso though as far as tracking I don’t felt like feel like it maybe grow at all it just kind of was a fun little tracking.

Thing and then finally on the my left hand side is what I’m grateful for what health activity I’m going to do what the highest priority is and a tiny tiny note section and how I will create adventure those are okay.

I think that the gratitude and wellness were helpful the most important task of the day is sort of repetitive because I already listed the priorities on the other side and the create adventure it was kind of better for the week not every day can create adventure and then I’ve just kind of felt stumped a lot of the time so a little adjusting but.

That’s a lot of wasted space that could have even.

More notes area or the tiny to do area and made this a lot more useful because as it stands right now having to add post-it notes and not really.

Being able to get much of an idea of my day besides just a.

Couple bullet points of what I’m going to do this is more of a emotions tracker than it is a true planner if you ask me then finally I tested out the app now I really had a lot of hope for that and I stuck to it for a while.

The app really was highly unimpressive even they have.

A section in the app for trainings and it kind of fell.

Flat there was nothing new in there there was nothing really in-depth it was all sort of superficial trainings that didn’t really do a whole lot for me and there.

That much that’s tailored to my personality type it felt like and then and so few of them that it.

Was definitely not worth the app purchase.

But then also you’re supposed to scan the QR code at the bottom of the page so I was hoping that this would mean that it would save my pages where I could look back and see what I did on those days or at least save what I wrote at the bottom but most the time it would not even.

Scan and I had to enter things manually and it only tracked.

How I graded myself on each of the categories it did not even save the Y so I got an interesting overview of how happy I was over the week of how much I exercised just kind of how many days you know like five days out of seven I exercised or did a wellness activity and that was the extent of the reports.

Is just regurgitating how you rated each day in each category but not going anything more in depth and it’s an app where you have to pay per month I think it’s $2.

Use those features and not worth it so overall beautiful beautiful planner but for me highly unworthy and extremely overpriced.

So if you’re considering an EVO planner think about how much space you really need yes they have a note section in the back but for one I like my lips being near it and it’s just kind of blank paper in the back for a couple.

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