Project Evo Planner – A Review And Overview

Pages and that’s it um yeah it’s I would say maybe think about a different planner look at some other options because if you’re paying $39 for three months you know 127 dollars for a year I I would think that you would expect a bit more from.

It so kind of overfunded overhyped under-delivered but well done on the printing that’s my review that’s my experience I’d love to hear what you.

Think of your EVO planner if you’ve tried it out or if you have any other planners that are hot and new or products that you’d like to see me review because I’m always looking for some new great things that can.

Help people out if you’ve not checked out my Rocket book review which went over a little bit better it happens to be one of my all-time favorite products check out in my videos the Rocket book ever last notebook and how I adjusted it to be more of a bullet journal it’s pretty.

Cool and that’s actually still one of my favorite planners is my rocket book so I will see you over on that video I hope that this has been helpful for you and I will talk with you soon.

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